Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

First let me start off with Sunday. Yes I did make it to church on time. I went back to Shadyside Pres, the church that Larry took me to the first weekend. It was very nice. Their communion bread is more like a Christ cookie than bread! It tasted like mom's shortbread. I got to meet Jeff, the director of Young Adults and Graduate Students, he gave me lots of information on what is going on. He also gave me a lot of info on the food scene here; alas there is no decent Mexican food here. Jordan, I could go for a BBQ Chicken burrito right about now. After church I headed over to a different Giant Eagle (I had previously gone to the Waterfront location, I instead went to the "Market Place" location). This grocery store had underground parking to accommodate the mass amount of people there! I need to go shopping not on a Sunday. I did not find any more options of Chili, but I did find SPATZLE! I did not get any but I know where to find it. I was also excited they had Reeds! Over all it was sort of a sad trip. I am realizing that is one of the little things that I am missing, consistent grocery stores.

Upon getting home, I worked some more on this silly photography project (don't worry in the next few days it will be publicly available). For dinner I made some more Fajitas, I had left over tortillas and Larry was not going to be home. I got to talk to a lot of people through out the day, Grandma and Gramps, Jamie, Mom from Priest Lake, and Kirsten on Skype, while I cooked dinner. Over all it was a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday.

Today has been a day dedicated to HTML. In the past two days have re-taught myself HTML. Instead of a traditional write-up for this project, my Photography professor wants a web page displaying our results. I think I may have gone a little overboard, but it is turning out fairly sweet. I got up bright and early and started pounding tags and forging styles.

I needed to mail something. I knew it was Labor Day, and I figured that the Post Office was closed; but, I looked online and it said nothing about any stores being closed for the holiday. So when I got there, I was a little let down. Failure #1.

I then went to school to try to post this newly formed website on the school's server. But alas I could not access the right drive, and there was not folder set up for me to use. Rendering all progress at school to zero. Failure #2.

The rest of the day has been spent working away. And now I realize that it is late and I need to get some sleep! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!


  1. And you talked to me via skype!!!! Although not actually talk, but I had fun talking with you!!!

  2. So glad you got the small care package. I can't believe how fast it got to you. Mailed at twenty to six on Wed. night and you had it Friday. I was surprised when the P.O. lady said it would be there Saturday. I love your Blog, you are so good to keep us all up to date, with such great detail. Gramps and I loved talking to you yesterday. Take care.

  3. I don't think a pollo de BBQ burrito would do that well in the mail, but thanks now I have to go and get one. Ummm...BBQ...don't worry buddy the taco truck will be here longer than both of us.