Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday exploring: In Humor and Space

I know this is a little late, I have not sat down to document things until just now.

That white thing is a person!
On Friday, after class, I had a fair amount of time to kill. I was not in any particular hurry, it was very relaxing. First thing I came across was a little art project in action. These guys were doing something regarding lines, I didn't really get it, but that is why I am an Engineer! When I walked past them, they were in the process of making a full body cast or some poor guy. I stood their for a while, and just watched the whole process. They are going to put up the project next week, Ill try to go back and see it. It was a very weird thing to turn the corner and see!

I was getting a little hungry, and from my lost trip on Thursday, I knew that there was a healthy (as in lots, not actually healthy... ) food area over by University of Pittsburgh. After walking there from CMU, it is amazingly close. It is about 2 blocks from the northern corner of CMU's campus to the start of Pitt's campus. And a few blocks down Forbes there are a ton of shops and restaurants. In my head I was trekking towards Chipotle (yep, just for you Holly). On the way I stopped in on what looked like a serious Mexican place, it did not really look promising, I passed on fairly quickly. I might go back sometime, but no, Friday was Chipotle time.

After enjoying my dinner, I started a leisurely walk back to campus. My path took me right past the famous Cathedral of Learning. (I would strongly suggest checking out that link) I had lots of time.... so I went in.
Yeah, I am just studying in a castle...
Oh my goodness. It is an amazing building. I could not imagine talking a class inside of there. There is a gigantic open commons type area in the middle of the first floor filled with tables and chairs for studying. I had some post cards to write (if you want one, I need your address ;-) ) so I found an empty table and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was an amazing building. I gave myself a little tour. All along the perimeter of the first floor are "Nationality Rooms." Each room embraces a different culture of people from the Pittsburgh area. I could not go inside of them (there are tours during the day, but I was there a little late on a friday.) , but just the outside of the rooms are awesome! Things like the German room had a giant Eagle crest above the door way, the Scotish room had thistles integrated in to the handles. Everything about these rooms are unique to the country they are representing, the hinges of the doors were all different, and I am sure the insides are amazing! I will have to come back here during operating hours...
 So after all of this, I headed back to CMU. Every Thursday - Sunday the student union puts on a movie in one of the large lecture halls in the University Center. It was surprisingly good sound and picture, I was very impressed, and the price was great! $1! Every day is a different movie, normally with 3 showings starting at 7:30. Friday's movie was "Kick-Ass." I was not really expecting anything, but I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed satirical movies like Shaun of the Dead. Mother, I don't think you would like it, there is a lot of gore, and the language is fairly rough. In one word this movie is: Absurd. The whole time I was laughing. The basic plot is about a "loser" kid who decides to be a super hero, and the issues and problems that occur because of it. Perfect movie for a Friday.

After the movie I went out to the bus stop, trying to get a ride home. The bus apparently did not see me waving my arms, and drove past. So I called Larry, I knew that he was hanging out with some friends in the area. I got directions, and headed off to Shadyside. It was about a 15 minute walk, and was very nice, perfect weather. I met up with him and his friends, they were just finishing up their meal; afterwords Larry gave me a ride home, just in time for me to go to bed. Great Friday. I just wish that I could have shared it with some of you. Not nearly as fun by yourself.


  1. You are studying at Hogwarts.. im mad i never got my acceptance letter from Hedwig... dang your lucky!

  2. Love the pic on the link of the Cathedral of Learning lit up in 2008!!! Did it echo in there? Be sure to report back when you go back and see the rooms!!!

  3. Hey! Ican read your mail!!!


  4. Cory: I know it! It was crazy! I felt as though two things were about to happen. Either King Arthur and his men where going to march through, or Snape was going to run down one of the side hallways.

    Mom: No, it was silent. It surprised me, I was expecting it to be really echo-y. There were two people sitting 15 feet away from me, having a conversation that I could not hear at all.

    Mr forK: Yes... and you will get to read it in detail in 3-4 business days.