Thursday, September 9, 2010

PHG Bus failure #2

So I thought I had the whole bus thing down. I thought that I had it figured out. I was wrong. Today I did not have official class. I had a recitation at 5:00. 5:00?? Really? That has never happened before! I was not sure what I was going to do with myself.

There it is... First Pres.
So I decided to be adventurous. I decided that I would try to make it to the Strip District by way of the public transit system, or Port Authority here. I went on a little run this morning (Larry gave me a path that was the least hilly...) then cleaned up and headed out. I had done my research. I was going to take the 61A to downtown; I normally take this bus to CMU, so that was easy. Then I was supposed to get on 87 outbound, and arrive at the Strip District. Now, when I got off of the bus I found myself in front of the elusive First Presbyterian of Pittsburgh. I laughed when I saw that.

So I looked everywhere for the stop I needed to be at. In my research for where I was going, I failed to look at where the 87 bus was going to pick me up at.... dang. So I wandered around the down town area for a while. I didn't want to go too far, seeing as I need to get to class eventually and I knew where a bus stop was that would take me to CMU. So I eventually gave up. I threw the towel in. I gave up and found a hot dog stand for lunch. This very nice Russian lady gave me one of the best hot dogs I have had in a while... not quite as good as a Costco dog, but well worth the $3. So as I was enjoying my glorious dog, I felt a little something hit my shoulder. I looked up so see a pigeon sitting, with its rear facing me, on a ledge above me. I then inspected the nice, fresh, dropping that was dripping down my shirt. After fighting back the urge to throw up, I quickly finished my lunch and got as much off as I could. Gross.

I eventually made it to CMU. I had a wonderful time re-learning probability. To those who I have discussed this with (Gramps, Brian, Alan, Steven, Jordan, and a few others...) I am still not convinced that a coin flip is unbiased and 50/50.

So this evening, for no apparent reason I spent some time on "Omegle" BEWARE: Anyone who is easily offended, this is a prowling ground for the lower people of the internet. 9/10 people are not worth talking to however there are some awesome connections. So the theory of the site is simply two strangers talking to each other. A chat box appears with "You" and the "Stranger." That is it. No more, no less. A lot of people abuse the fact that they are anonymous, and you get some fairly nasty stuff. But then there are the conversations that are awesome. One person was a "gangbanger/no hear no feelings" guy from south central LA, we talked about his life, and his desires to get out of it. I was just about to mention teen challange when the connection was lots. Another girl was from New Zealand, we discussed her breaking up with her boyfriend, and how she really cared for him... that was actually a really cool conversation. It is a really cool feeling that the person you are talking to could be the person you sat next to on the bus earlier that day, or it could be someone from around the globe. I once talked with a guy from Spain who was trying to work on his English. As Alan would say: "The Internet is Awesome!"

I updated the Fajita page with some pictures from me making them this weekend!

I feel as though I was going to say something else... but it is getting late, and I need to get to bed!

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