Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jepordy - I Win

Tonight when I got home Jepordy was on. I immediately let out a little cheer and thought of My mother, father, and Chelsea. There were two things that make tonight unique:

Answer: If you were to stand up, and give your seat to a lady, some might say that this is not dead.
My moto in life: CHIVALRY! Yeah!

Then, for those of you who did not watch it (which I am guessing is most of you), the final Category was "Word Origins." My pre guess was going to be Thor, as in the origin of Thursday. I bet $15,000. The actual answer was something to the effect of "This was used in the UK originally to describe the relative speed of the mail service" I immediately said "Post-Haste!" NONE of the contestants got it! I was amazed! Mom, New Plan: I should stop this whole grad school business and play Jepordy!

Unfortunately Larry was not all that excited. It was not like watching it at home....


  1. Scott - As much as I love your enthusiasm, and really do think you are a very smart person, Ken Jennings you are not. If they invite you for Teen Jeopardy, go for it. If they invite you for the college version, awesome. Planning to live off your earnings from regular Jeopardy, probably not! :-) You are on the wrong time zone for me to yell into the phone with you on the answers... it will have to be on the list of things to do at Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!

  2. I watched that one as well, although I did not get it right either. How about that Roger Craig guy, Marisa said that he is too darn smart. It is hard trying to get a teenager to watch Jeopardy!