Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not-your Nachos

I am having a hard time trying to find stuff that Larry will eat. I found out today that he does not eat Sausages. :(

So I tried making him Chicken Nachos. He said he liked them.

2 Chicken Breasts (or 1 pound of Ground Beef)
1 Package of Taco Seasoning
1 Can Re-fried Beans
1 Onion
1 Pepper
1 Small Can of Sliced Olives
1/2 Pound of Cheddar or Mixed Cheese (like the Mexican Mix)
1 Bag of Tortilla chips
Salsa, guacamole, Lizano... etc.

Cut up and cook the meat in a fry pan, after it is done cooking add seasoning and some water (look on the package to see how much). Set this aside. Chop and cook peppers and onion in some oil. Set this aside. Heat up beans while all of this is going on.

Take a large cookie sheet, preferably with raised edges, spray with pam, or cover in foil. Place a layer of chips down. On layer add beans, olives, peppers, onions and meat. Be sure to spread out goodies. Liberally cover with cheese. If you are going to make a lot of Nachos, keep layering chips, goodies, cheese until desired heft.

Bake at 350 until cheese starts to brown, this will be anywhere from 15 mins to 45 min depending on oven and the amount of Nacho on the pan.

When cheese looks good, remove from oven, and place right on table. Serve with Salsa, guacamole and Lizano.

This is a really good recipe to change around. You can add and subtract whatever you don't want, or whatever you don't want to buy. The only necessity is chips and cheese.

I will also direct you here for a warning.


  1. Go ahead and guess who I ran into this evening...

    1 clue she is president of the women engineers!


  2. You need to create a cook book! I love the new language ... "goodies", "desired heft" "when cheese looks good, remove from oven" Who needs a list of ingredients, measuring cups and cooking time!!! What are Lasanos??

  3. Oh my goodness. Father, please take note. I should also say that I miss-spelled it, it should be Lizano, not Lasano.

    Auntie Donna, let me enlighten you. Shortly after Peter figured out that we could eat previously-kosher food, like pork, Mexican cuisine was born. As a gift to man kind, and to form another covenant, God gave us Lizano salsa in exchange for our undying love of food. It has been inspiring men for the past 2 centuries, some say that the French revolution was because the nobility was holding out on the common man, and nothing to do with any "enlightenment." There was a bottle of Lizano with Columbus as he sailed to the new world. He said that it was more important than the sextant he used to navigate. The Berlin wall... yeah, someone threw a bottle at the wall, it just gave way.

    Now you may be wondering why you have never heard of it, and why salsa is in a bottle. Don't worry, I am getting there. You most likely have not heard of the sweet ambrosia because for the past 20 years Costa Rica has been hording the last known recepie, they have been capitalizing on peoples need for good spice. As to the labeling of "salsa," Lizano has more of a consistency of a sauce, not to be confused with a hot sauce (like Tabasco). It is made up primarily of vegetables and some spice all mixed with vinegar and water.

    If you must get your fix of Lizano, you can order some straight from Costa Rica here:


    Or you can just wait for Christmas. Seeing as it has become my fathers default gift (and for good reason).

    Sometime, remind me to tell you the real story... ;)

  4. Sounds like a good recipe. I will have to put this one in the lab. Susan is going to San Diego for a few days, so I will be Mr.Dad and the kid is going to want something other than s'mores. Oh, BTW we go a new restaurant an Italian spot. The owner is from New Jersey and it said to have authentic Italian food.

    I will be the judge of that. I will critique and get back to you. We are filling up your cube daily with more network gear, but your phone still has the screen saver that you left on it.

  5. LOOOOVE your answer on what Lizano is!!! Does that mean some of your father's stash of 2 dozen bottles (I think he is stocking up in case of some trade embargo with Costa Rica) may be leaving my shelves??? Do you need more when we come to "the Burgh" in November? Have you thought of basting the turkey with it for Thanksgiving??? I heard it was at the first Thanksgiving also!!!