Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Computational Photography - Project 1

Well, it is here: September 7th, 2010 11:55 PM. I just submitted my very first CMU project.

I would suggest everyone go to the newly created web page showing it off. As a word of warring, I have not had a chance to size the images properly, to some pages take forever.... i mean forever.... to load. Sorry, Ill try to get that fixed inside of the week.

EDIT (9/9/10): So now it is also hosted on the schools web space. The proper link is here

You can get to it here. Currently it is hosted on dropbox. Hopefully tomorrow I will change that link to go to the cs.cmu.edu location where it should be located, but I am having troubles getting access to the right space.

The project was a ton of fun, and you can see that it turned out well. If you have any questions, let me know!


  1. Well I was reluctant to try to open it here at school knowing that I can't see any of your pictures as it is when I am here... but my attempt was short lived... the Mead firewall blocked it!!! Am anxious to look at it from home. Sounds successful... fun, turned out well, AND you get credit for it :-) My kind of project!

  2. This is incredible! Black and White ---> color.. thats jaw dropping to me, i dont know about anyone else!

  3. I love how in your examples you have green and red ghost people. That is such a cool project! Way to go!

  4. How cool!!! I would love to see followup photographs with your camera to see if you can get it to stop "thinking for you" and give you pure images to align. Very interesting!!!

  5. Looks amazing and that's from someone who is colorblind! (Steamroller is formerly stancow.) Don't ask me what the colors are but I can see it exists and is vivid. I'm not smart enough to offer further comment.