Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something good and a Refutation.

So after a lot of trial and error (but mostly error) I finally have my last picture frame up. Kirsten made me a custom picture presentation device for my birthday.
This is it on the wall:
No Auntie Donna, there are no pictures of you... sorry.
It was inspired by this:
If you know what that is, I salute you. If not, you need to watch some more Star Wars (Jamie I am looking at you...).

On to other topics. If you are not my lovely Aunt, you may not know that she has posted a rather large reply that I feel as though I need to respond to each action item, you may find it here.

1) No... I have not moved it. There is not that much room to move it around, it is perfect where it is! I agree it is a very functional space. The only problem is that there are certain spots that are a little low, like the threshold to the bathroom, that I keep hitting my head on.

2) "Every Tree Has Character,"  just like you!

3) Oh, you have this rank, don't worry:

4) I find it very amusing that you looked at the pictures that closely! I have had that for years! I keep wires and other electronic stuff in it.

5) Oh, I have a fan and a AC unit. I am quite comfortable.

6) I know, my amazing Pirate themed bathroom supplies did not come with me. I know exactly where it is in Spokane. It is with my Swashbuckling Trash can, my Grog Soaked Hand towels, and my Jolly Roger Shower Curtain. I think that I may retrieve it at Christmas time... we will see.

7) They make my head hurt too! There are a lot of really smart people here, it is really intimidating. But I know like Golf, school is a competition with yourself, do the very best you can do.

So there you have it, this is an interactive blog. I will try to respond if you have any direct concerns.

Now I must go to bed, get some good sleep before... THOR DAY!!!


  1. You posted responses to my comments ... YOU ROCK!!

    1) I must admit, I had to draw myself a diagram of your room to get the full visual! Note to self ... I am a VERY spatial / visual person.

    2) :)

    3) aaahhhh ... I can sleep now! thanks!

    4) of course I noticed ... I studied those pics!!

    5) Good!!

    6) maybe I should send you a nightlight in the mean time to take the place of the glow in the dark!!

    7) love the analogy! :)

    Another note to self ... find a safety helmet to send to Scottith for him to wear when he is in his room so that he doesn't hurt his head on the ceiling!! :)

    Love heading your way from your "lovely" Aunt!! xoxo

  2. I know, I know... Perhaps you and Alana came into my life for that very purpose. I will get on it ;-)