Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More stuff

So this morning I plugged in my camera for the first time since I moved. I found these, which I will present with minimal explanation. I need to go to class in 10 minutes....
At 6:15 in the morning. Humidity on my (old) window. And and intense sunrise.

I found two more Pittsburgh Monsters.... this one and a buddy were in my (old) stairway.

First Day of School! I will always support you James!

My Bed with all of my unpacked stuff. (It does not look like this now...)

My new Ikea dresser. (I love Ikea!)

The current location of my computer!
I will be taking more pictures as all three of us unpack out stuff. It is still looking a little chaotic. Things are going well. Classes are shaping up to be great, Ill post about them later. Hanging out with friends that I have not seen in a while has been wonderful. Going to places that I have not been in a while has been great. The humidity has not... it is still gross.

Clean Cheese

You may be thinking this is a weird name to call the following creation, after you are done with it, it feels nothing like 'clean.' When I was moving out of Larry's place, I was faced with a fridge with a plethora of goods that I needed to dispose of. Hence the following:

Clean Cheese
a perverted take of the Grilled Cheese

Approx Prep: 5 mins
Approx Cooking: 30-45 mins (depends on what is already cooked)

Serves One

At least 3 or 4 Pierogies
2-6 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
6-8 slices of Bacon
4-8 Breakfast Sausages
2-3 Tablespoons of butter
2 Slices of Good Bread

If you are wondering, I had half a box a pierogies left from general use, the bacon was from green beans I made a while ago, the sausage was from Breakfast Casserole, the Cheese and the Bread was what was left from my lunch supply, and the butter was on hand.

Cook the bacon and the sausage together. Be sure to move everything around a lot, make sure it all gets done. You will have to take pieces out as they become cooked. Set aside.
Thank you whatever pig brought this to me...
In the bacon grease, cook the pierogies until done.
So 6 pierogies were a little over kill.

Cut up the sausage in the small slices (like pepperoni).

Assembling the sandwich in the pan. Drain the bacon grease, add some butter to the pan, on a low heat. Once the butter has begun to melt, add first slice of bread. Then add one slice of cheese. Then lay down strips of bacon, with sausage on top of that. Add another slice of cheese. Add pierogies in one layer. I made sure that the pierogies fit by cutting one of them in half so I had 2 full ones on the 'outside,' with one half one in the middle. Add another layer of cheese. Add more sausage. Add more bacon. Add one more slice of cheese and one final slice of bread.
This is all ready looking great.
Turn up the heat a little to meddium. Let cook to desired chrispyness. Add some butter to the side of the sandwich that is facing you (the uncooked side). Flip the sandwich, and continue cooking. Flipping will be hard. Save for experianced grilled cheese cooks.
...And done!
Once the other side is done, remove and serve on a plate! Enjoy!

And what could make this any more healthy? Fries!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ladies and Gents, Skanda Mohan

While sitting on the couch this morning nursing his foot:

"Some days I feel worthless. Today I am a god. as he awkwardly stands up to grab his bread.
  A little ego never killed anyone.... well except Hitler."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Dig

Is that the proper use of 'dig?' I don't really know... Oh well. I moved in to my new place today. It was great. But I would have to say that my back has a slight tinge to it, I guess it is about time for me to start feeling old.

Skanda came hobbling down the street today to meet me. He was just coming back from a Doctor's appointment. Earlier this morning Skanda had a run in with a car while he was on his bike. He is amazed that he only incurred a minor concussion and badly sprained ankle not broken bones or severe head trauma. He is doing ok, and should be better by school.

Tonight Gwyn stopped by to say hello and check out the new place. All three of us played some Carcassone and enjoyed some pizza from 'Bites and Brews.' A place that may be frequenting our door. It was a lovely evening in a poorly unpacked apartment.

Things are looking good. I will attempt to post pictures soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is why I love home.

Me: Maple Bars are unique to the Pacific Northwest!
Danny: Like Huckleberrys!
Danna: .... And Fun!

So very true. I love these guys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where I have been...

I would normally say that you all were with me... but I have found out reciently that a lot more people read this than I formerly thought.

As of 12 days ago, I have been in Orange County for the celebration of the marriage (and all the festivities that surround it) of the following couple:
The Happy Couple
The dashing guy on the left is Chris, my cousin and brother (first literal, second meaningful) and the beautiful blushing bride on the right is Cassie, my new cousin! They are both awesome people, and I am stoked for them!

Today I am making my bitter sweet departure to Spokane (only bitter in the sense that I am leaving my family in Southern California). I am excited to get to see all of the things that I have missed so very dearly since being in Pittsburgh. But for now I must pack.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have a recipe that is just waiting to get posted! It is amazing!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A little Story

I know this is not a new story. It is actually rather old. 7 months old. But I was looking trough pictures and I started laughing at the following progression of pictures. If you don't know my family, on Christmas morning, we wake up to find a ribbon running from our Stocking to an axillary gift. But it is not that simple as the ribbon takes a rather non direct route to the gift. Some times going outside, sometimes going through cars, sometimes going in to pools, sometimes going through a bed.... all over. It is great. There are a few rules: you are not allowed to break the ribbon, and you are not allowed to try to scout it out (as the ribbons often change color).

Anyway, Caleb got fully introduced to the family last Christmas when his ribbon was by far the longest and craziest. You would have to talk to him to find out all of the details. I was busy getting mine to pay attention to the first part of his trial. But here is where I came in:

Caleb in the Tomlinson's backyard. It was a little sloppy, hence the shoes.

Gramps, my mom and I, from a far distance telling him how we would do it better.
This has nothing to do with the story. I just really like this picture. Yeah Mom!
Caleb eventually made it to the other side of the yard (they don't have that large of a yard.... just a lot of shrubs). I love this picture for a number of reasons. 1) Christmas in action. 2) Uncle Jerry and Gramps doing what they do best: looking awesome and 3) the Christmas Tree (or Moose) that Chris, Cory and I picked out.
This picture was take a good 10 minutes after the one before it. I think Caleb went trough (as in in driver window, to back hatch) of two cars, and all through out the garage. Dad, Gramps and I cheering him on.
And he finally found it! There was much jubilation. If you notice, it is the little brown thing in the bottom right of the photo.
Merry Christmas Caleb!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Batman goodness....

So I have been sitting here at work thinking about how cool Batman is... looking at this great site: Batman'at (all things Pittsburgh and Batman related, play off of Batman and n'at, a common Pittsburghese ending to a sentence.)

And then I get these photos from Gwyn:
See that cloaked man... yeah that is Batman.
That is right across the street from where I used to catch the bus!
Again, Gwyn took these pictures. That is right Gwyn Rohrer, the local Pittsburgh Artist, with perfect timing and a steady hand took the above photos.

I wish I was there.

Batman Update

I just got a phone call from Gwyn:

Gwyn: "I am standing on the corner of Bellfiend and 5th at the moment looking at Christian Bale." (that would be the north east corner of the Cathedral of Learning, kitty corner to the Mellon Institute)
Gwyn: "I only have my phone, I don't have my camera, but I will and send it to you"
Me: "That is so cool!"
Gwyn: "It is backed up... the bus had to drop me off at the corner of 5th and Craig (this is a good 8 or 9 blocks before her normal stop). There are people everywhere..."
Me: "I wish I was there! That is awesome!"
Gwyn: "I got a picture of one of the cool cars. Not the Batmobile, but one of the tank things...
            AHH!! Christisan Bale has a lunch box!"
Gwyn: "Ok! Bye!"

This is what I am missing out on today. I am in Greensburg. Far away from Oakland (aka Gotham City). But this is my last day of work, so I may have to stop buy Oakland tomorrow to see the goodness.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Top 5: Pittsburgh Bucket List

This weeks list is a representation of 5 things that I have not done in Pittsburgh, that I really want to before I leave. I am not going to sugar coat this. I am aiming high. These may not happen, but they also very well could happen.

"Scott's Top Five Things To Do Before Leaving Pittsburgh"

1) South Side Shinanegains
The South Side area of Pittsburgh (really just Carson street) is known for being a hot spot for frivolity during certain events. Generally there are a lot of people around on a Friday or Saturday night, the typical 'party scene.' Now, this may seem odd, most of you know that I am not one to go and get drunk on a Friday (and unlike 50% of people who actually say that, I really do mean that). The motivation here is to take in the energy and fun of a major event. The South Side is known for large St. Patrick's Day festivities, tons and tons of Halloween events and Mardi Gras parties. You might be thinking to yourself: 'Hmmmmm.... That seems like an ample opportunity to experience something.' But the people I hang out with are almost strictly against the South Side, avoiding the crowds, staying away from the loudness, really just staying on the other side of the river (you have to cross a bridge or two and possibly go through a tunnel to get there....). But I have a good excuse now: Skanda loves the South Side. Especially if I am driving. I have already started making plans to cannibalize my Mad Hatter Costume to make a zombie version for Halloween.

2) Be in a Riot (or at least watch one from a distance)
I know I am off to a great start.... Partying and Riots. But the closest thing Spokane ever got to a riot what dealing with the Aryan Nation. And no one wanted a piece of that action. But here in Pittsburgh, they have reason to riot (or aggressively celebrate as the case may be). There was a bit of a fore taste right before the Super Bowl, with Andrew wearing steel toe boots so he could be ready for the inevitable riots if they won. I am really hoping that the Pirates pick it up (which is looking less and less likely... but still I am dreaming) and we could have a sports related riot (making it a trifecta for Pittsburgh in the last 10 years).
3) Go to the Top of the Cathedral of Learning
I don't even know if this is possible or allowed, but I really want to go up there.

4) I *bike* PGH
This requires a little bit of an explanation. There is this shirt. I would like to earn it. I am thinking that I need to go at least a solid two weeks without using my car to make this happen. This is possible given my future apartment location. 1) there are not that many hills in Shadyside and 2) there is a Grocery Store withing biking distance. This is something that I am really excited about. I started up this practice in the Tri Cities. The last 3 ish months I did all of my shopping via bike. Needless to say, I am ready to pull TumbleWeed out of storage and hit the road (and hopefully not get hit myself.)

5)Visit Someplace else
I know this does not have to do with Pittsburgh... but I am feeling that I need to get out of the city an see some more of the East Coast. Like Philly, or New York (Hey Poughkeepsie!) Pittsburgh is kind of out of the way... kind of like Spokane. But I think a few weekend trips are in need.

Honorable mentions:
Go to the Waffle Shop
Kayak on the Rivers
Learn how to reproduce the Accent
Go to a Steelers or Penguins Game
Ride the 'T'
Pittsburgh Aviary
Go to Scotty G's Pizza!

Na nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BATMAN!

I don't know why it has taken me this long to write about this... but I was inspired as I drove past the Mellon Institute yesterday... were it had apparently 'snowed' the day before.

So 'Magnus Rex' (aka The Dark Night Rises) is the third and final film in Christopher Nolan's re-imagination of the Batman story. Turns out a large part of the filming is happening here in Pittsburgh. I knew about this when about 2 months ago they had open casting calls for Pittsburgh locals to be businessmen, lawyers, police men, sports fans (yeah, Pittsburghers do that well)... ect. I would have totally shown up, but the majority of filming is taking place next week and the week after. Sadly I will not be in town.

Like I mentioned before, they are currently filming at the Mellon Institute, where you might see scenes like this:

Yep... it is definitely snowing in Pittsburgh... in 87 degree heat and 75% humidity
For those of you who don't know the geography of Pittsburgh, the Mellon Institute is on 5th Avenue, about 2 blocks away from the CMU campus, and right next to the Cathedral of Learning. Speaking of the CoL, outside, on Bigelow Blvd, taking up an entire block are all of the trailers and storage and whatnot for the movie. So basically the Batmobile is parked out front of the Cathedral of Learning. So stinking cool!

There have been many sightings of actors and heroes, Gotham City Police Cars, The iconic Batmobile and motorcycle. Check out this link. In general the city is getting really excited (as they should be.) Supposedly you can see this downtown at night (I have not seen it yet, but I am going to try before I leave):

Possibly the coolest thing that is going to happen will be this Saturday. Check out this link first. Basically there is going to be a scene taking place at a "Gotham Rogues" football game (aka Steelers). They are inviting as many people as they can get to come down and be part of the filming... I really wish I could be there.

The blog Boring Pittsburgh is so far the go to source for Batman stuff, if you want to read more, I suggest you check it out..

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Goodness I like Food

I know this is not going to be a surprise, but I am declaring right now: I really enjoy food. There are so many good things about it that makes me happy. Food is an excuse to hang out with friends. It is the ultimate conversation medium. Most of the time it is super good.

Anyway... all of this is inspired by my realization that I can link to my UrbanSpoon account. If you don't know what UrbanSpoon is, I suggest you check it out. It is a great way to find restaurants. You can either sort via 'Like' or 'Don't Like' or your can look at major publications reviews or you can look at user reviews. It is a great site, well laid out, so on and so forth. Yes, there are different sections, there is one for Pittsburgh and Spokane. Don't worry.

A while ago (I guess June) I decided to start becoming an active member of the site. Actually signing up and filling out reviews. I just noticed that I can link to my page, and you all can see where I am eating and what I like. I am only assuming that you would want to do this, it really is not all that exciting, unless you can actually join me (which you all can if you are in Spokane in a few weeks!). So here it is. I will also link to it over on the right hand side, under the '7 Seas of the Internet' section, so you can get to it easy in the future.

Hey! and if you get an account we can follow each other!