Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday: Church with a little spice!

Larry and his mother.
Today Larry took me, and his mother, to his "home church." Here in Pittsburgh there are a ton of Presbyterian churches. The joke about how there is always a First Pres, but never a Second Pres does not apply in Pittsburgh. I have driven past Seventh Presbyterian of Pittsburgh. It is a little crazy. And that does not take in to account all of the other Presbyterian churches. We went to Shadyside Pres, apparently it is super historic, read the wiki. It was very different from what I am used to at Colbert. The inside was very impressive, and very large. Larry is a organ music connoisseur, and was telling me a wealth of information about the church's extensive organ. Apparently there was a phenomenal organist a few years ago, reminded me of Lisa. It was a lot more liturgical, and much more formal. I walked downstairs this morning wearing a nice button up shirt with my dickies, Larry told me to go put on pants. I told him that I did not wear pants. He told me to go put on pants. It was a good idea. The users we all wearing suits with corsages. The pastor there was very good, he was just coming back from a summer tour of other churches in America. He mentioned going to a few churches where they wanted him to wear a Hawaiian shirt and that they had huge screens with graphics and text, I thought of Saddleback.
Look mom! I am wearing pants!
After church I headed out in to the wild unknown to go grocery shopping. I made it to a Costco, and a Giant Eagle. Costco was fairly normal, however they did not have any refried beans! And when I asked someone they looked at me funny... I found a limited selection at Giant Eagle, not the best, but they worked. Their Mexican food section was lacking and they only had 4 selections of tortillas, not like the whole end cap at most stores in the Northwest. I did get what I needed, and made it back, all without using my GPS! The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging pictures (if you are reading this today or tomorrow it most likely means there is a picture of you up on my wall...), talking to Grandma and Gramps, and just relaxing before the storm that will occur at 7:30 tomorrow. I made Larry Fajitas (recipe to follow). He does not like to eat onions or peppers, so I had to make it like mom always made for Chelsea. He said he liked it, and would have it again. Yay! my first cooking experience in Pittsburgh was successful. The rest of the evening will be spent preparing for tomorrow... speaking of which I need to go make myself a sandwich!

The Goods are on the Stove.


  1. I'm liking this Larry guy more and more. :) He doesn't like onions! Does he not like the flavor, or just the texture? Because there is a big difference you know.

    That church looks beautiful from the outside. Good thing Larry was able to tell you to wear pants, how awkward would it have been otherwise?

  2. Being from the "old school" men always went to church wearing suits and ties, and women never wore pants. Ushers always had boutonnieres in their lapel. No sandals and no baseball caps.

    CA Grandma

  3. My favorite part: "Larry told me to go put on pants. I told him that I did not wear pants. He told me to go put on pants." I can totally picture this happening.