Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Death of an Era

Good ol' Reds are there on the right. This is on a boat to Poros!
 As many of you know, or have noticed, right after I graduated from High School I donned my first pair of Keens. Those Red footwear got me through everything that I could throw at them. Ran around at Youth Group. I went sailing with Chelsea (which for me = wet). I trekked across Europe! I hiked up Badger Mountain! I walked through light snow! They tread on the West Coast, they have tread on the East Coast. I did have to get a new pair around the end of my sophomore year, but the new pair were the exact make and model of the originals, it was like they added some new tread on the bottom, but other than that they were the same. They were faithful to me and I was faithful to them. Granted Lockheed Martin would be a temporary gap in the love from me, but it was not my choice! But after 5 years, my little shoes have taken a beating. Everything has held up, with the exception of the tread. On their underside, their tough black rubber has given way to the soft core of gray insole. It was time. They had to be retired. Only to be worn on special Fridays.

Fortunately my birthday gift from my parents was a new pair of tried and true Keens, Unfortunately they stopped making Newport H2's in red a long time ago. I had to settle. I had to go with their new and revised Newport H2's but in Bison/Wetsand. Yes they fit. Yes I will grow to love them. However my good old reds will always be there waiting for a good walk.
Not the same.... :(


  1. Oh the passage of time on the things we love. It is called the seasons of life... like children heading off to Kindergarten, then high school, then college, then to parts unknown. Look at this as character building... it will help get you ready for having children ;-) Glad you got your new pair!!! Love them and they will serve you well. Mom

  2. Rest in Peace, ol' red Keens. The zags will always have fond memories of you...

  3. sands through the hour glass Keens are a way of life. Do you still want me to save your old pair too?