Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CMU Donut Dash - Awesome

Walking on to campus today I saw lots of donuts drawn on the ground (here lots of groups use sidewalk chalk to advertise, seeing as 85% of the population enters campus in the same location, this is effective). They were promoting the 2nd Annual CMU Donut Dash. Turns out a fraternity is trying to make this an annual event... they had one last year. This is a race around the CMU campus (about 2 miles) where in the middle of the course you have to stop and eat a dozen donuts.

Awesome. Food and not too much running. I am in.

So now my question to you is should I join the competitive division? They are posting times of 25-30 mins for the mens winners last year. Conservatively, I think my mile time is just around 9 mins. I can certainly pound down 12 donuts in 10 mins. but then the question is can I then run another mile. I have a slight feeling that I can. I just don't feel overly confident signing up for a competitive running event... Let me know what you think.


  1. I say go for it, but don't eat too much before and take a barf bag along :-) Run your heart out the first mile, so you don't have to run the second one so fast. Reminds me of a group of guys trying to chug a gallon of milk one time!!!!

  2. 12 donuts? That sounds disgusting. But it sounds like a fun event to watch. Can you have someone take pictures of you?

  3. Hello everyone! I'm an SAE here to thank you for the publicity for our event! Thanks for your participation, encourage your friends to sign up too! Last year's event was a huge success, and we are just as pumped for Donut Dash 2010!

    Thank you everybody!

  4. DO IT!!! That sounds like a sick twist on the soda (beer) mile, but a more delicious one at that. You can down those donuts in far less than 10 minutes too... So say: 9:00 on the first mile + 5:00 minutes to eat + 12:00 to run mile 2 = YOU WIN!