Friday, October 1, 2010

Computational Photography - Project 2

Yeah! The moment you have all been waiting for... I am sure.

I submitted my Computational Photography project 2 last night! This project, being very different from the last one, goes in to the weird and mysterious "Gradient Domain." For all you math nerds... it is like taking a derivative of a picture. For all of you non-math nerds, it is like the flow of the pixels across the image.

Here is it.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Do I get royalties for the use of my picture??? ;-) I think I will go with the mobius strip... but you did pick ones I have contemplated... pirates, Pac- man... but what about Snood???? Or you dressed as a Jedi???

    Very fun project. That looks like you could have some fun with it!

  2. I was really laughing at you for being so impatient at having to wait 7 minutes for completion. That is nothing. I have to wait for what seems like an eternity for my videos to render.

    To put this in "graduate school speak" check this out.

    Eternity = ((F * 60)L)R

    (F * 60) Using F as a contsant based on number of frames per second. In the case of most digital videos, this number is 29.97. Multiply by 60 to get the number of frame in a minute.

    L = Length of the video clip in minutes

    R = Time to render each frame.

    How did I do???