Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! At the moment I am watching V for Vendetta, wearing my 5th of November Shirt. I was struck by how relevant the televised speech is to the current situation of America (and really the world). I know this is idealistic, but I hope the Occupy protests use this today. If you don't know what I am talking about, or just want a refresher, here is a link for a youtube clip. Also, if you have not watched this great movie, you should. Really. I think that every voting person should watch this film.

Anyway. Tomorrow is pie day at church! I made a pumpkin pie! And with the left over pie dough I made V cookies, and I wrote out Skanda's name for him. So for this has been a great fall weekend.

To those of you who I have not talked to lately, life is going well, just really busy. There is a ton going on. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, I am in need of a break. I have had two interviews in Pittsburgh (one of them was last Thursday), and I have an interview in Baltimore next Thursday! I can tell you right now that by the 16th or so of November I will have made a choice as to where I am going to be working. This is really exciting, but also unnerving.

I have been working on my Halloween posts. I have lots to show you guys. I have food. Costumes. Stories. They are on the way.

Anyway, my favorite part is coming up! "I want this country to understand that we stand on the brink of oblivion...  I want them to understand why they NEED US!"

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  1. ...a very exciting time to be sure! Let's hear about the Pitt and Baltimore interviews on the 10th!

    Nice touch on the cookies.