Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Week!

So this week I am taking care of the Rohrer household as Gwyn and her mother are in Alaska for the holiday. This means I get to interact with Aerona. one on one. Mano a Gato. Aerona and I don't have a very good history. It might be that she picked up right away that I don't like cats... or it might just be she is a mean cat. Her favorite activity around me: hissing. Awesome. When Gwyn and her mom are around she just keeps her distance, and oddly likes to sit in my shoes (nothing else, she just sits). So yesterday morning I woke up around 6:50, and quickly heard her meowing outside my door. This would for be the ritual-istic morning feeding. When I opened the door, she meowed and ran downstairs, I followed her to the kitchen. While I was getting out her food, she was all cute and cuddly, rubbing up against my legs, quietly meowing. As soon as I set the food down, her head cocked back and out came the fangs with a nasty hiss. So I walked out of the kitchen, and went in to the living room. A few minutes later, I went in to the kitchen to get some water, at this point Aerona ran out of the room and hid under the coffee table. This is where the fun started. When I walked back in to the living room, she started hissing. As soon as she did I yelled at her: "WHY ARE YOU A MEAN CAT!" This apparently startled her, she flinched and stopped hissing. But shortly started hissing again. We had a little yelling/hissing match, when I was getting tired of yelling, I just threw a pillow in her direction and she ran away...

Oh well. In other news the Mini Spaceship took a hit. The driver's side window mechanism is damaged, and thus my window is stuck in the down position. Shadyside Honda was able to fit it in to their schedule on short notice yesterday. Only problem being that they don't have the part, so it is going to take until this morning for me to get it.

So last night Skanda and I had diner plans. I needed a car. Gwyn and her mom don't mind me using their cars, so I went on a trek to get a car from their house. The only issue is that their house is 6 miles away. This means that I could take advantage of our great bus system. I knew it was raining, I put on my rain jacket, bundled up, and walked outside. The very first step I took on the sidewalk, a giant truck drove by, creating a tidal wave in the 5 or 6 inch standing water on the road. From that point on, my boxers were soaked.

Short explanation: I live on 5th ave. This road is a major thoroughfare in to Oakland. This is great for getting arround if you are driving, but walking... eh. The sidewalks are barely wide enough for two people to walk on, then you add to that, that a lot of people walk up and down this street, so it is busy, and careless bicycle riders ride on the sidewalk (I used to jump out of their way... now I just keep walking. I have made contact with a number of bicyclists in this way.) I should say now, that I have not, and will never ride on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh when on a bike. That is just irresponsible. I am getting off topic... so the sidewalks are narrow, and the street is busy. When it rains there is no drainage, so the water builds up. I think you can all see where this is going. It is impossible to walk along the street without getting soaked.

So after a long trek I made it to Aspinwall, completely wet. I retrieved the mail, pulled the garbage in, glared at Aerona, and jumped in to a very dry and cozy car.

Skanda and I, our destination: Max's Allegheny Tavern. I had been there once before. It is amazing. I think it is the best German food I have had in the states. I had to go back one last time before I left, and Skanda had never eaten German fare. It was a great evening, food was great, Skanda loved it.

If you were all worried, I have two new recipes that I need to post. A new set of Dessert Pierogies and Chicken Paprikash!

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  1. She is a mean cat. Remember when she scratched my face? Just think- you are almost done interacting with her!! :P