Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Bartlet Flip

Well Chris, I don't know what to say... the internet has failed me. I have spent 10 minutes trying to find a clip of the amazing way President Bartlet puts on a jacket, and I could not find any. I did find this:

"He can only put his jacket on by flipping it over his head (like Bartlet in "The West Wing" (1999)). His left arm was crushed by forceps when he was born and he has limited lateral movement." - IMDB's Mini Bio

Ill have to take a video and post it. It is really the only way one should put a jacket on.

EDIT: Found it!

Here is a clip from his younger years. Beautiful.


  1. AWESOME... we'll need to watch some West Wing when you're home!!!! That clip shows it... Fun to think of 44 minutes while eating quesidillas :-)

  2. Chris giggles everytime he does that in West Wing. By the way, holy cow West Wing is awesome! Chris and I watched the whole first season in five days! Thank you sooo much for putting that little treasure on our "Scott Box" for us to discover :)