Monday, November 14, 2011

RedditGifts Secret Santa

It is a long story of why I know about this, and I apologize if this is short notice, but I think you should all check this out.

RedditGifts Secret Santa 2011

The basic idea is taking your workspace Secret Santa events and making it huge. Like across the world huge. People sign up, they write about what they like, being as specific or unspecific as they want. And by November 25th everyone gets a person to gift to.

You should all do this!

Also this should explain the link above that is going to make it easy for my soon-to-be Santa to find me and what I like! I guess you can use it too if you cannot come up with anything for me.... but I genuinely think I am easy to shop for. Very unlike Mom.

1 comment:

  1. I am VERY easy to shop for!!! I love Zag things, WSU things, things to decorate with, fun serving dishes and things for entertaining. I like unique children's picture books and fun stationary and note pads. I love pictures of my children and collections of music playlists that meet my tastes (which you know). How hard can it be???!!! You will be much easier to shop for when all of your belongings do not have to fit in the minispaceship!!! But I will check out the above site...