Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Party Post the Third: Decorations

Two weeks before the big day, my mother sent me a lovely box of Halloween goodies! There were cookies of Pumpkins and Ghosts, so Oreos, a few really cool plates, an awesome kitchen towel, a table covering, some 'fright tape' and best of all a pumpkin carving kit. Needless to say this was an awesome box to open.

I got to work right away getting the apartment decorated.
The Most Decorated Door in the Apartment Building.
Most Decorated table in the Apartment.
In preparation of the up coming party, Gwyn and I busted open the pumpkin carving kit the Thursday before. It should be noted that my mom sent the 'vintage' kit. Which was awesome! Basically it was retro designs, but awesome because they were Halloween themed. I picked out right away my favorite: Skelvis. Gwyn went for a Moon and Owl. Here is the process:
Scary, I know...
The Transfer.
Lots of Cutting.
And All lit up!

The day of the party, I ventured out to get some dry ice. What party is worth going to the weekend of Halloween with out dry ice? I found out very quickly that Pennsylvania has very different laws surounding the sale and storage of dry ice than in Washington. Back home, you can go to the local grocery store and get some pellets of dry ice. Sure not every store has it, but a lot do. Here you have to get it from a distributor (kind of like beer). So I had to track down this place to get the ice. But, as you all know, dry ice is amazing, so it was well worth it...
Our lovely spread, made even better by the layer of fog.

So other decorations included portraits that Gwyn made. I can not really do them justice. They were great. She took old black and white photos and made them all creepy... My favorite was a lady in a white dress, who had apparently just been bitten by a vampire as she had two puncture marks and a bit of blood on her dress. Maybe if I am lucky she will let me post them here. They were so cool!

There was lots of spider webs and festive bats and jack-o-lanters all over the place.
Madame Curie Bottles and one of the portraits.
Other goodies.
It was great. I love Halloween. I know that I really like just about every holiday, but I really had fun this year! And I have not even talked about the actual day itself! (Don't worry, that is coming up later....)

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