Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Job Choice done.

First, get this playing in the background.

Now, if you know me and my music, you will understand in about 4 notes what I am about to say ;)

I am going to Boston! I finally made a choice, and most of you know I hate making choices. So this is a big relief. Ill be working for MIT's Lincoln Laboratories, I am super excited!

So if anyone was wondering (or wanted to plan on hanging out with me) Ill be finishing up school on the 7th of December, sometime between then and now packing up my stuff, Flying home the 8th, celebrating Chris' wedding the 10th, then enjoying a long and relaxing Christmas break. Sometime after my paper clear I can take a trip to Boston to look for a place to live, then (hopefully in the begging of February I can start work!

So, as to my Christmas break I have a few idea of 'projects' I want to work on, but I will take suggestions from all of you. Here is my potential list:
- Making a kilt (patterned off of my Utilikilt.)
- ReTeaching myself the Star Wars CC game. (I have a boxes (and I mean boxes and boxes) of cards in my closet)
- Making another Ginger Bread House
- More Experimentation with Food (ill finally be back in a decent kitchen.)
- I still need to pick a Christmas break TV show. I think it might be Dexter, any thoughts?
- After becoming a Java protege with the robot, I am going to hammer out the Bohnanza game.



  1. YAY!!!! Congrats! Awesomeness!!! We are so proud of you. You better get a 2 bedroom apartment for all the people that are going to come visit you!

  2. RE: Mary - you're so funny -
    Scott: congratulations on having to CHOOSE from multiple offers - you rock. Great you get a couple months to figure it out, too.

    Auntie Marg

  3. I enjoyed the background music, it made everything so much more clear! Congratulations! And yes I wouldn't mind visiting too!