Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Party Post Two: Party Costumes!

Every Halloween party has to have costumes. That is essential. Here is the run down of the attendees. I apologize if the pictures are less that good. Sorry.
Mrs. Rohrer as 'Cereal Killer'
Alex as an 'Iron Chef' and Mike as a 'Companion Cube'
Caitlin as a Hipster Mouse
Jane was Dug from Up, and you can see Denise as 'Fruit Punch'

Before going in to the rest, I need to make a bit of a defense for my own costume. Gwyn introduced me to a great show called 'Pushing Daises.' The story is about a pie maker who can bring people back to life after being dead. I was Ned, the pie maker, and Gwyn was Chuck the Dead Girl.

So this means I needed to make a pie!
After (I am getting good at this pie thing...)
Chuck and Ned (or Gwyn and Scott if you prefer)
I am not sure what Andrew was supposed to be, but Sam was "the 50's"
Tracey supporting the flappers.
If anyone was wondering, Denise one the contest with her Fruit Punch, sadly I did not take a picture of it :( The grand prize? Oh, it was my pie!

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  1. This was a really fun party! You and Gwyn are so creative!