Monday, November 7, 2011

A Day in the Life...

So I am going to take a break from the halloween posts to do an actual post about current life! I know! Something that has not really happened all that much this semester!

Job stuff: I had an interview last Thursday in town that went really well. I have another one coming up this next Thursday in Baltimore (too bad the Stillers lost..). I am thinking that come next Monday or Tuesday I will be able to sign in here and post about a decision I have made in this regard. And then I will have a bunch of time on my hands as well! and Ill be a lot less stressed!

Life stuff: I have recently taught Gwyn how to play Magic. It is a card game I played with Russ and Karl and others at Mount Spokane before school started on block days. We were always 'those kids,' but we loved it. And I still do. It has been fun to see Gwyn get supper excited playing it. She is picking it up fast. Last week was movie night 3 for this semester, we watched UP. And this coming Friday is a game night that I am super excited for.

School Stuff: I have a test coming up on Wednesday in my MEMS class. I need to study a bit, but it is going ok. The robot worked like a camp this morning meaning that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow to try to save it last minute before the lab. This week we implemented an adaptive path generation of gold pickups. The idea is that the robot will be in a maze of gold locations, and will have to pick up gold at each location and return to a drop off point. The gold is actually angle iron with blue construction paper attached (this makes the vision algorithm orders of magnitude easier). My part in this week was the 'collectGold' function. It looks to see if the gold is there, then it approaches the wall and sees if it has collected the piece or not. It is working beautifully. I think that I am going to bring in my camera and record it tomorrow or the next day so I can just show you what I am talking about.

Then my other class is soso... but it is starting in 7 minutes, so I need to go!

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  1. Love all the recent posts!!! I think book #2 by Scottith needs to be one on parties... themes, decorations, costumes, fun food that goes with the theme, etc.

    Too bad 5th of November was so close to Halloween... someone should have thought and spread all holidays out evenly.