Sunday, August 29, 2010

Really Simple Chili with Potato

This one is just for you Jordan. This really is not a recipe, it is more of an idea.

Simple Chili on top of a Potato

Aprox. Prep Time: 1 min
Cooking time: 15 mins

1 Potato
1 Can of Chili (if you are in the northwest you have more of an option than here in PA
Cheese if you can find it in your fridge

You can really easily add more for more people. Most people will only eat 1/2 of the can of chili.

Scrub the potato under running water. If you do not do this, Gramps may hunt you down and lecture you about how potatoes are grows, then you will be in trouble. Take a fork and stab the potato all over, if you are unsure as to if you have poked it enough, keep going, make sure to get all sides. Microwave for 5 mins. Turn the potato over. Microwave for 5 more mins.

While the potato is going, in a bowl or tuperware, pour chili in. When the potato is done, cook the chili in the microwave. Be sure to cover this, as it will bubble and pop, making a mess if left open.

Now split the potato open with a knife, spreading it wide open. Depending on how much cheese you have, place cheese on potato. Then pour chili over potato. Then place more cheese on chili.



  1. I need to remember to read the recipe posts ONLY IF I AM NEAR FOOD...

  2. Hahaha, Just like never go shopping when hungry!