Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Mixups

Last night I did my research, I was set that I was going to go see what was up at the church just down the street from here. I got on google maps, looked it up, got the time, and was set: 10:45 service. This morning I woke up on the earlier side, continued to work on my photography assignment (which is getting awesome! I will do a whole write up when I get it working), talked with Larry a bit before confidently heading out the door. As I approached the church, around 10:40 ish, I was surprised to see that there were no people outside, no one gathering, no one greeting. Hmmm... something is wrong, my spidey sense is tingling. (if only Ackbar was there...). I walked in to a sparsely populated congregation that was right in the middle of a batism. I was able to get a buliten, and slip in to the back pew. I inspected this new information source to find that the service started at 10. Dang.

First Presbyterian of EDGEWOOD. Not to be confused with Pittsburgh

Turns out I looked up First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh. They started at 10:45. However I was not there, I was in the First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood. Oh well. I had a nice little talk with the pastor, seems like a nice church if I don't want to go far, however it is no Colbert.

So when I walked in 45 mins later, Larry and I had a good laugh at my mix-up.

I then ventured off to the Giant Eagle for some groceries. I was looking for some Chili to have with a baked potato for dinner. They had the potato, however; their Chili selection was rather pathetic. In Spokane, and the Tri-Cities I was used to an entire 3 to 5 foot, 4 to 5 shelf, CHILI section, complete with its own sign. With options like "Chili with Beans," "Chili without Beans" (is that really chili then?), "Vegetarian Chili," "Chili with Corn," my favorite: "Chili with Walla Walla Sweet Onions," etc.... Here at a rather large, and packed grocery store they had 3 options, none of which looked over appealing, and one was just a hot-dog sauce in disguise. I was appalled and a little offended. There is no way these poor school kids have maple bars and chili for lunch, neither exist over here.

The rest of the evening has been very relaxing, I enjoyed talking to Chelsea, and my mother! But now I have to work on 3 more posts before I go to bed. It was a good Sunday, all that one could ask for.

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