Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phipps Conservatory

I don't really feel like school has started. Which is a good feeling comared to yesterday and Monday.

The "Palm Court" in the Phipps Conservatory

Look! I found a friend!
So after meeting with the last professor I needed to, I headed over to the Phipps Conservatory. It is in Schenly Park, which is literally right next to CMU. And it was free! (to CMU students) It is quite an impressive conservatory. I don't really know a ton about it, I will direct you here for more info. I had a very relaxing stroll through the complex of green houses. So this summer they were doing a "Gargoyles in the Garden" thing, so there were random gargoyles all over the place, I thought that it would be appropriate if they were always there.

The main "hub" was the Palm court, not overly notable... but still impressive. A very cool room was the "Stove room" that was a very cool butterfly green house, lots of butterfly's roaming around. Definitely thought of Gram. There was a Orchid room, full of all different types of.. you guessed it, Orchids. One connecting green house was the "Train Garden," you would greatly enjoy it Gramps. One of their more notable plants was an "Agave Americana" a huge plant that had a single stalk that grew outside of the green house it was in!

Then Outside!
It was quite the collection of very well manicured plants. I am sure a number of you would enjoy spending some time in there (mother and father, I am thinking of you). With the price and the locating in mind, I may stop by again for some secluded studying. We will see.

Oh! Here are some more pictures!

Mom, Dad, How come your garden does not look like this?


  1. My garden will look like that when I retire :-) Glad to hear things are looking up with classes. I am anxious to hear a week from now what you think of the courses and professors (as by then the bureaucracy will hopefully be forgotten) and I am with "the Steamroller"... the "Burgh" has much more potential than the "Tri" even if they don't have La Fama!!! Hugs, Mom

  2. hmmmm.... that looks alot like my back yard now? What you don't think so? I'll go check again just to make sure. :-)