Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dewey Street Block Party

Today was the 15th - or - so Dewey Street block party. Apparently it was started by a couple who enjoyed friends and dogs, so they organized this event to bring those two things together. It has now just evolved in to the whole street bringing out food and drinks (one house hosted the kegs) and just enjoy the evening. The local Edgewood police come and block off the street. It was quite the event and a lot of fun Over the evening there were around 15 or so houses that were represented. Larry (my roommate) was sure to get me going meeting everyone.

Dewey Street: with people.

People who I met:
- An English man who is the principal at a local school
- A very nice older lady who knew where and what Gonzaga is. (I am going over to her house during basketball season to watch the games)
- A Indian (country, not Native) Anesthesiologist
- Larry's Mother, who is awesome
- A German fellow who is apparently the Assistant Dean of the Computer Science department at Carnegie
- Some girl who talked to me about my shirt (Flogging Molly)
- A Podiatrist who only talked to me about Seattle Grunge after I mentioned I was from Washington
- And other various mothers and their children.


  1. So what are all their names? :) Just giving you a bad time. Sounds like a fun group, how nice of Larry to introduce you to everyone.

  2. ...simply hillarious caption, "Dewey Street: with people." lol!


  3. I LOVE your blog!! I remember when Chelsea went to Germany ... I loved reading about all of her adventures!! It makes me feel more connected and not like you are 3000 miles away!! PLEASE try to keep it up! I know you will be busy, but know that you have peeps out there waiting for the next story!! Don't leave us hanging!! Here are some additional suggestions for topics ...

    1) Pics of the outside of your place of residence

    2) Pics of the inside of your place of residence

    3) Pics of your bedroom

    4) Pics of your school

    (Can you tell I am a visual person?!!)

    5) Stories about Larry (pic of Larry would be nice too!)

    6) Update on when school starts and if they really are expecting you to be there? !!

    7) Stories about how you miss your Southern California Aunt, Uncle, and cousins immensely!! :)

    More later ....

    Love you lots and know that you will be happy you did this in the long run!! Also remember that there will be people who read this and don't leave comments ... so just because you don't get a comment, doesn't mean that people are not reading it!! (Cory always gets frustrated on this topic when he is doing a blog!) ... Cory is standing here and says "truth"!

    xoxoxo Auntie Donna and Cory too!

  4. The Grampanator is reading this too, Keep up the good work. It beats sending the same information to a zillion people.

    The Great Herbwa