Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Boston Life.

I know you are all getting on ever few hours checking to see when I will post the pictures I have been promising... I know, I know... You have all been waiting.

Seeing as I have been listening to This American Life all day, I feel this is fitting (read this in Ira Glass' voice for full effect):

Last Sunday I was leaving a busy grocery trip at the local Market Basket, when an event happened that was so unbelievably weird to my Spokane upbringing. After I had unloaded my good in to the back of my car, I set off to return my cart to the store. I was forced to park a good 3 or 4 stores down due to the packed parking. As I cleared my car, I heard a honk, and looked back to see a car waiting for my spot. I realized that there was a line of cars behind her waiting for her to move, and she was waiting for my spot. I was not about to become one of the many Burlington-ers who haphazardly leave their carts in the lot, and continued on. I then heard it. The thing that ushered me in to this new space. The lady leaded out of the window, and in a perfect Boston accent yelled: 'Leave the CAAAART!!!' 

What happens when you move in to a new place? What sort of people do you run in to? How do you set up your new living space? Well, that is the subject of the posts today. From Burlington MA, it is 'The Bard Of Lincoln,' presented by Blogger. I am Scott. This is a special kick off post, today we have stories about one guy getting used to living in a very different place, presented in five different acts:  In Act One, we will look at modern apartment decorating, and the controversy that follows. Act two, we focus on the social interactions, both at work and otherwise. Act Three, two recipes and the best way to meet new neighbors and make friends at work. Act four, a brief rebroadcast of material from our Pittsburgh. And wrapping up with a look at a great new website that just went live.

Stay with us.

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