Sunday, March 4, 2012

Act Three: Using the Kitchen. Like a Boss

I am loving this Kitchen. Of the kitchens I have had the pleasure to use, it is second only to my mother's. Lots of space to work on stuff, things are set up efficiently.

Last Sunday I had to break in the waffle iron in family tradition.
I really don't like my waffle iron. They always have holes, and it always over flows. At the same time. Go figure.
 As per tradition, I made up a batch of cookies last weekend as a way to introduce myself to my neighbors.

Mint and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Only the Best.
All ready for delivery!
So the people living around me: Below is a very nice lady (27 - 37 ish) who may or may not be in the medical profession. I had talked to her the weekend before after I tore apart the crate with a hammer. I apologized for being so loud, and told her I would bring her cookies for make up for it. I did. She was surprised. Above: A couple who had just gotten back. Their apartment was frigid, as their door had blown open while they were gone. They are awesome. It was what I wanted in bringing cookies. I talked to them for a good 15 minutes. We exchanged phone numbers, talked about the area. Set up a good rapport, in the future, I would not mind asking them for a wine opener (something that I tried to do in the Tri and failed) or for some sugar. Next to me: a lovely mom and her daughter. They were both a little shy, but I got to say hi :) And the other side never did respond, so I left the cookies, but I have not heard from them.

So while I was making cookies I was also preparing a 'proper' Sunday meal. I amazed myself with this pork roast, wild rice and green beans:
Ah Yeah... Reeds.
Today I made two things. Mint Chocolate Cookies and Tangy Stew. The following post are the recipes!

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