Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brian O'Donovan is a great guy.

So back in the Tri, one day Alan told me to got to this one website and listen to this NPR Celtic show. He and I both like folk music, so I thought it would be great. This was my first introduction to Brian O'Donovan and his wonderful 'Celtic Sojourn.' Then, fast forward a few years, and I am driving around Boston doing some errand on a Saturday and I hear the melodic tones of Brian's Irish voice. I got really excited. And I sat in the car for the end of the show, seeing as I would miss it if I walked in to the store. Now, fast forward a few weeks to St. Patrick's Day, and I was on my way to WGBH presents: A St. Patrick's Day Celtic Sojourn in New Bedford, a town south of Boston. I thought that it was just south... but turns out the Boston Metro area is big (go figure)... the drive was close to 1:30 one way. When I rolled in to New Bedford, I quickly found the Zeiterion Theater and a parking space across the street. In this case, quite literally... my car was directly across from the doors.

When I walked up to the ticket counter the ladies thought that I was a performer. This is rather flattering, as I am generally impressed with the wear of most performers. I was wearing a Dropkick shirt, my gray jacket (with all the buttons), my new brown kilt, and my flat cap. Turns out it was more likely to do with my age. The average age was around 60.

The show was great. The general format was of a Celtic Variety show. There were 11 or 12 musicians who would come on at different times, and in different configurations, playing all sorts of different styles of music. Occasionally there would be some dancers who would come out. And there was lots of stories and narrative of the music. It was quite like A Celtic Sojourn, but in real life. And you all know I love Celtic music, especially live Celtic music.

Earlier in the day I did watch the Gonzaga game. I was going to go in to a bar (as I don't have cable... ) but then I remembered that I have a broadcast antenna and the game was on CBS. Done. So I stayed in a tried to make Tater Tots. You all see the cool things I make... but occasionally my experiments go wrong. These went wrong. Ill try again later and give you an update.

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  1. Sounds like a long, but worth while adventure... and one you would probably do again if the opportunity allowed :-) I am looking forward to hearing more about St Patty's day in Boston... sound like quite the experience!

    And GO ZAGS!!!!! Ladies are heading to Rhode Island for the SWEET 16!!!!!