Sunday, March 4, 2012

Act Two: Life of the Party

Work is going great! This past week went by so fast, and I spent a lot of it working on this interface device. I am excited to go in to work, I am motivated to get stuff done, I am productive. Everything, so far at least, you could want in a job.

The people are also a great aspect. They seem like a good group of peers. To be honest, we all (yes, I am including me in this too) have our quirks. We are engineers for goodness sake. This makes for some interesting lunch conversations: Starcraft commentary, Four Square World Championships, Dangerous things to do in Boston, My maple faux-pas.. among other things.

Outside of work, a lot of my social interactions have been with Wes. Which is great, because he is awesome. He and I share an office, so we spend a lot of time together during the day. We seem to be very different, but get along well. He is a rock climber, in to extreme sports, likes coffee, does not like Rocky's... and we share a particular passion for trying new food places.

Last weekend he and Jamie (his girlfriend who was visiting) came over and we all made some great southwest chili with corn bread dumplings. This past Saturday, seeing the need for some green, we took a trip to Lowes for some foliage for the office and our respective apartments.

And ok replacement, not nearly as cool as the plant Holly gave me.
 In addition. This past Thursday was the start of mustache March. You all know what that means:
to this!
Only one single person commented on it at work. This either means they didn't notice, they think I am serious, or they don't know how to respond. I cant wait for the Mohawk.


  1. I always really like your before pictures- its like you try to look mangy.

  2. I was thinking his "after" picture looked a little greased down... rather Al Caponeish, I'd say.