Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's Day Fun

These past few days have been great, with lots and lots of festivities, so much in fact that I have not had a chance to write about them!

So last week was a great week at work. I am getting further and further steeped in the projects going on around me, I am contributing, I am making things and making progress. It has been both educational and enjoyable.

At home I have been working on a little project for Gwyn. It is a little bit of a surprise, so you will not be able to see a final product for a while, but I have some cool pictures of engineering! So what we have here is an Arduino interfaced with a long range infared detector. So the micro will be able to 'see' an object, possibly a person, approaching.

The little blue thing is the Arduino, and the black thing on my sticky notes is the range finder.
Brian, Alan, Phillip... look familiar?
A little anecdote: the IR sensor I am using is the same as the one we used for wall following on R2-GU, my senior design robot. I was bringing back lots of memories working on it.

So first up in events of last week: PI Day! Becasue of a date mix up, I didn;t end up making my Pie until the evening of Pie day, but it was still made. I took it in to work, with much praise from my coworkers, one who said: "why are you working here?? you could be making these!" I laughed. That would be fun though... Mom, lets do it.
4pp13 PI!
Thursday, Wes (my office mate), and Marissa (one of our office neighbors) came over for some Corned Beef. This is one of my favorite things to make, it is so dang easy, and so dang good. Ill post the 'recipe,' if you want to call it that, later today. Needless to say we had a great time, ate lots, and got in to the St. Patty's Day spirit.

Friday, a coworker had an extra ticket to a show in Harvard Square, so I went off for another adventure in Cambridge. The performer was a guy named Paul Kelly. He reminded me of a well put together, and harmonic, Bob Dylan. He was great. The venue was at a place called 'Club Passim.' A non-profit performing art project. Attached to it is Veggie Planet, a place of equal wonder. As you can guess, everything is vegetarian, but amazing! I had 'Portobello Redhead' an amazingly flavorful mix served on a bed of coconut rice. It was great. The whole evening was fun. And a nice introduction to Harvard Square.

I just looked at the time, I need to go get ready for work! Coming Up: A Celtic Sojourn, and A Southie St. Patrick's Day (a.k.a. What you get when you throw down a parade in South Boston, a heavily Catholic working class neighborhood with way too much Irish pride)


  1. Shippin out to Boston, whoa oh whoa...!