Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clean Cheese

You may be thinking this is a weird name to call the following creation, after you are done with it, it feels nothing like 'clean.' When I was moving out of Larry's place, I was faced with a fridge with a plethora of goods that I needed to dispose of. Hence the following:

Clean Cheese
a perverted take of the Grilled Cheese

Approx Prep: 5 mins
Approx Cooking: 30-45 mins (depends on what is already cooked)

Serves One

At least 3 or 4 Pierogies
2-6 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
6-8 slices of Bacon
4-8 Breakfast Sausages
2-3 Tablespoons of butter
2 Slices of Good Bread

If you are wondering, I had half a box a pierogies left from general use, the bacon was from green beans I made a while ago, the sausage was from Breakfast Casserole, the Cheese and the Bread was what was left from my lunch supply, and the butter was on hand.

Cook the bacon and the sausage together. Be sure to move everything around a lot, make sure it all gets done. You will have to take pieces out as they become cooked. Set aside.
Thank you whatever pig brought this to me...
In the bacon grease, cook the pierogies until done.
So 6 pierogies were a little over kill.

Cut up the sausage in the small slices (like pepperoni).

Assembling the sandwich in the pan. Drain the bacon grease, add some butter to the pan, on a low heat. Once the butter has begun to melt, add first slice of bread. Then add one slice of cheese. Then lay down strips of bacon, with sausage on top of that. Add another slice of cheese. Add pierogies in one layer. I made sure that the pierogies fit by cutting one of them in half so I had 2 full ones on the 'outside,' with one half one in the middle. Add another layer of cheese. Add more sausage. Add more bacon. Add one more slice of cheese and one final slice of bread.
This is all ready looking great.
Turn up the heat a little to meddium. Let cook to desired chrispyness. Add some butter to the side of the sandwich that is facing you (the uncooked side). Flip the sandwich, and continue cooking. Flipping will be hard. Save for experianced grilled cheese cooks.
...And done!
Once the other side is done, remove and serve on a plate! Enjoy!

And what could make this any more healthy? Fries!


  1. You make me laugh! Looks like an excellent creation! Hope all is well.


  2. You have officially become a true Pittsburgher as only those with black and gold blood would make and eat something so artery-clogging!