Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Top 5: Pittsburgh Bucket List

This weeks list is a representation of 5 things that I have not done in Pittsburgh, that I really want to before I leave. I am not going to sugar coat this. I am aiming high. These may not happen, but they also very well could happen.

"Scott's Top Five Things To Do Before Leaving Pittsburgh"

1) South Side Shinanegains
The South Side area of Pittsburgh (really just Carson street) is known for being a hot spot for frivolity during certain events. Generally there are a lot of people around on a Friday or Saturday night, the typical 'party scene.' Now, this may seem odd, most of you know that I am not one to go and get drunk on a Friday (and unlike 50% of people who actually say that, I really do mean that). The motivation here is to take in the energy and fun of a major event. The South Side is known for large St. Patrick's Day festivities, tons and tons of Halloween events and Mardi Gras parties. You might be thinking to yourself: 'Hmmmmm.... That seems like an ample opportunity to experience something.' But the people I hang out with are almost strictly against the South Side, avoiding the crowds, staying away from the loudness, really just staying on the other side of the river (you have to cross a bridge or two and possibly go through a tunnel to get there....). But I have a good excuse now: Skanda loves the South Side. Especially if I am driving. I have already started making plans to cannibalize my Mad Hatter Costume to make a zombie version for Halloween.

2) Be in a Riot (or at least watch one from a distance)
I know I am off to a great start.... Partying and Riots. But the closest thing Spokane ever got to a riot what dealing with the Aryan Nation. And no one wanted a piece of that action. But here in Pittsburgh, they have reason to riot (or aggressively celebrate as the case may be). There was a bit of a fore taste right before the Super Bowl, with Andrew wearing steel toe boots so he could be ready for the inevitable riots if they won. I am really hoping that the Pirates pick it up (which is looking less and less likely... but still I am dreaming) and we could have a sports related riot (making it a trifecta for Pittsburgh in the last 10 years).
3) Go to the Top of the Cathedral of Learning
I don't even know if this is possible or allowed, but I really want to go up there.

4) I *bike* PGH
This requires a little bit of an explanation. There is this shirt. I would like to earn it. I am thinking that I need to go at least a solid two weeks without using my car to make this happen. This is possible given my future apartment location. 1) there are not that many hills in Shadyside and 2) there is a Grocery Store withing biking distance. This is something that I am really excited about. I started up this practice in the Tri Cities. The last 3 ish months I did all of my shopping via bike. Needless to say, I am ready to pull TumbleWeed out of storage and hit the road (and hopefully not get hit myself.)

5)Visit Someplace else
I know this does not have to do with Pittsburgh... but I am feeling that I need to get out of the city an see some more of the East Coast. Like Philly, or New York (Hey Poughkeepsie!) Pittsburgh is kind of out of the way... kind of like Spokane. But I think a few weekend trips are in need.

Honorable mentions:
Go to the Waffle Shop
Kayak on the Rivers
Learn how to reproduce the Accent
Go to a Steelers or Penguins Game
Ride the 'T'
Pittsburgh Aviary
Go to Scotty G's Pizza!

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