Friday, August 5, 2011

A little Story

I know this is not a new story. It is actually rather old. 7 months old. But I was looking trough pictures and I started laughing at the following progression of pictures. If you don't know my family, on Christmas morning, we wake up to find a ribbon running from our Stocking to an axillary gift. But it is not that simple as the ribbon takes a rather non direct route to the gift. Some times going outside, sometimes going through cars, sometimes going in to pools, sometimes going through a bed.... all over. It is great. There are a few rules: you are not allowed to break the ribbon, and you are not allowed to try to scout it out (as the ribbons often change color).

Anyway, Caleb got fully introduced to the family last Christmas when his ribbon was by far the longest and craziest. You would have to talk to him to find out all of the details. I was busy getting mine to pay attention to the first part of his trial. But here is where I came in:

Caleb in the Tomlinson's backyard. It was a little sloppy, hence the shoes.

Gramps, my mom and I, from a far distance telling him how we would do it better.
This has nothing to do with the story. I just really like this picture. Yeah Mom!
Caleb eventually made it to the other side of the yard (they don't have that large of a yard.... just a lot of shrubs). I love this picture for a number of reasons. 1) Christmas in action. 2) Uncle Jerry and Gramps doing what they do best: looking awesome and 3) the Christmas Tree (or Moose) that Chris, Cory and I picked out.
This picture was take a good 10 minutes after the one before it. I think Caleb went trough (as in in driver window, to back hatch) of two cars, and all through out the garage. Dad, Gramps and I cheering him on.
And he finally found it! There was much jubilation. If you notice, it is the little brown thing in the bottom right of the photo.
Merry Christmas Caleb!

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