Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Batman Update

I just got a phone call from Gwyn:

Gwyn: "I am standing on the corner of Bellfiend and 5th at the moment looking at Christian Bale." (that would be the north east corner of the Cathedral of Learning, kitty corner to the Mellon Institute)
Gwyn: "I only have my phone, I don't have my camera, but I will and send it to you"
Me: "That is so cool!"
Gwyn: "It is backed up... the bus had to drop me off at the corner of 5th and Craig (this is a good 8 or 9 blocks before her normal stop). There are people everywhere..."
Me: "I wish I was there! That is awesome!"
Gwyn: "I got a picture of one of the cool cars. Not the Batmobile, but one of the tank things...
            AHH!! Christisan Bale has a lunch box!"
Gwyn: "Ok! Bye!"

This is what I am missing out on today. I am in Greensburg. Far away from Oakland (aka Gotham City). But this is my last day of work, so I may have to stop buy Oakland tomorrow to see the goodness.

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