Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get my hooligan on

In response to my latest (well not quite) Flogging Molly shirt, my dear father decided that he could pick out a shirt better than I could. Turns out he was right:
I feel like I need some Doc Martin Boots...
I apologize that you can not see the whole shirt. It is quite the apparel, and full of Flogging Molly symbolism. Thank you dad! It is great! I love it! And it fits perfectly!

School has been going interestingly. It seems very different from last semester, I have been dealing a lot with one single group project this time. We have been working on this Elevator sense the term began.. and it is just getting worse. Last night Sam asked me how I was doing, I then realized that I am kind of burned out in regard to school. This semester has just been weird, it has left a funky taste in my mouth. I have certainly learned a lot (tons in fact) from this Embedded project, but it is getting stale, and we still have a month left on it, and lots more work to do (and my teammates and I are struggling). My Power class (the one that I got in to to save me from Kinematics) is just odd. I don't really know what I think about the course, the closest thing I can think of is that I am taking to get it over with. This sort of thing is not something I enjoy and is not something I am happy about, but it is making out to be a harsh reality.

But don't worry, there is silver lining. First Robot Ethics is amazing. For those of you who are creepy and are also following me on Posterous, you might see what we have been dealing with. We sit around and have 'Big Dog' talk (philosophical discourse). We read a lot of interesting articles (you can read them too... some are rather nice reads). And we hear some crazy ideas. It has been and still is a great class. And secondly, next semester is going to be amazing! I will only be taking two classes, and one does not need to be a grad course (possibly, don't get too excited yet, bagpiping!).

Lets see... I have not posted for a while. Here is a short recap of the past few days:

Pierogie Night last week! Sam, Andrew and Tracey. It was amazing as always! And I got to learn how to tie a fishing fly... sorry Sam!
The office last week was amazing. I hope you all watched it. I may or may not have yelled when the sprinklers came on.
Went out on my first 'official' date in Pittsburgh. It was great.
Saturday, big day! Skanda and I went to look at an apartment. Turned out to be amazing, but the managment was not going to work out. After I got to be with Skanda as he broke in to the realm of Hot Dogs. He had his first ever hot dog at D's, it was a Mac and Cheese Dog, he said he was rather impressed.
Got to hang out with Tracey and Gwyn afterward, went to a mall. I did not realize that I had not been to a mall in quite some time... then Lazer Storm
Sunday was a good day, nice and relaxing. YouthGroup activity: Get in a car, with a deck of cards and a sense of adventure. At every intersection, draw a card the determines where to go next. It was so much fun! Only went down two one way streets on accident ;).
The Monday Night Movie group convened last night for Sucker Punch. I thought it was great. I would see it again. Mother, I don't think you would like it. It is just an absurdly awesome movie. I found it rather thought provoking, but I can also see how some would find it lame and shallow.

I know that is a lot of happenings, and not a lot of depth. If you are interested in any one thing let me know, and I can expound.

I need to go clean up stuff around here for Chelsea and Caleb. And get some laundry done... ugg laundry day. But Bangers and Mash for Dinner!


  1. :-) Thanks... I have an image in my mind(which may or may not be accurate)of all that you talked about. Sounds like you are learning patience again... sorry. Was hoping it would be a better semester. Get Chelsea and Caleb to do a post while they are there!!!! Enjoy your Bangers and Mash!