Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Father

I was going to go take a picture of my new Flogging Molly shirt, but it is in the laundry... yay laundry day!

So here is the best I can do: last Sunday (in proper tradition) I wore my shirt to church. At SPYS (Shadyside Pres Youth Sunday (aka youth group)) we were sent on a little photo scavenger hunt. I will not bore you with the other pictures, but I did make it in to one of them... with my shirt:

I will try to remember to take a picture of it next time I wear it, just for you dad :-)


  1. Have there been any comments at church about the hawk??? CPC knew you well enough... do these people have issues??? Just curious. Looks like it is a good St Paddy's day shirt :-)

  2. The church is rather unphased by it. There have been a number of old ladies who have gotten really excited about it, but generally everyone is cool with it. There were some allegations that someone else copied me (or even is a follower) as the Sunday after I showed up with mine, another guy cut his hair... I deny such wild ideas.