Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break: Day 6 (A day of Study)

So my day 6 was lack luster in regard to my staycation. However I am simply offsetting my spring break to include Bill and Dannica and Jamie! Who are all visiting next week! So I decided to get a little work done now so that I could spend more time with them later.

So I went in to school around 9 ish... it was raining, but I decided to put the hair up anyway. But I did use an umbrella to stay dry. I was able to pound out some work on the elevator (I am making it go fast!) and really get my mind in to it. I did take a little break from lunch at LuLu's with a friend.

On the way back from lunch, I was walking up some stairs at CMU, when I heard this guy calling 'SIR! SIR!! Wait up!' Apparently this guy took a picture of me as I was walking across one of the bridges, and was trying to catch up to me.... I guess I walk fast. He was a photographer for the Pittsburgh Tribune (the paper). He said something about it being a slow news day... and I had the whole red umbrella thing... (I do have a rather obnoxious polka dot red umbrella that was a hand-me-down from a guy at church). As he was saying this, he was looking at my hair, but I think he felt uncomfortable saying anything about it. So he asked if he could get my name and some info, which I gladly gave. He then had me do this whole photo shoot thing, where I was walking up and down these steps so he could get a shot. It was all highly amusing. So I might end up in the paper tomorrow! Or online! I will let you know either way.

I then went back to work... and worked with Skanda for 5 hours straight. It was great. Got a ton done.

Overall a great day. Lots accomplished, and rather relaxing. I know it is not exciting as the science center or the zoo...

Tomorrow I am headed to The Mattress Factory!

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