Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break: The Prolouge

My glorious Spring Break started Thursday at 3:15 PM after my Embedded group turned in our mid-semester project. With a big sigh of relief, I headed home. It was time to have fun.

Andrew mentioned to me a mysterious bar that served 15 cent piergies and dollar Yuengling (a local beer). I don't really care about the later, but the former... all in. There was an attempt to make it to this establishment, but things fell through... I (and some others) really wanted Pierogies. So I headed over to the Rohrer residence and made dinner for Tracey, Gwyn and Mrs. Rohrer (Gwyn's mom). Dinner consisted of my Thanksgiving Pierogies, with some Mrs. T's Potato ones (Tracey, being Polish, refuses to eat non-traditional pierogies), some Kielbasa (pronounced Kielbasi here), and Green beans (Gwyn, way to go with the bacon and onions!). Turned out great, because I know you were all worried. The real reason for meeting at a house for dinner was for The Office... alas it was not on, they were showing re-runs. However, as an alternative, we watched 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.' This movie was made for my generation. It is amazing! Taking subtle references to gaming culture, rock music, comic books and a hint of apathy it was able to create a glorious adventure in a pseudo-real, but epic world. I would highly suggest it to anyone born in the 80s. For the rest of you, I would still watch it, but it will not have the same effect.

On to the pre-Spring Break day, Friday. As I already said, I took it easy in the morning, I was getting in to relaxation mode. In the afternoon I ventured out to 'The Frick.' This guy, Frick, was a major coke (coal) man. Frick fueled the furnaces of Pittsburgh Industry (in particular Carnegie's Steel Mills). He had a huge amount of money, and a large property just east of Shadyside. When he died, his daughter shut up the house, and left everything where it was. Somewhere in there a historical group was formed, and The Frick Center was formed around this house (which still has all of its original stuff in it). You had to pay to get in the house... I didn't really want to see it, so I checked out the Museum of Art and the Car and Carriage House (both free and open to the public). The art was interesting, the were focusing on drawings from France in the 17th and 18th century. I felt a little more cultured... but the sweet thing was the Car and Carriage house. The first room had all of Frick's carriages, all 9 or 10 of them. All very impressive. Then I walked in the the next room. It was the car garage. So stinking cool. There was a collection of 14 to 16 cars from early in the century. It was amazing! Everything from 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost to 1931 Lincoln Touring beast. They even had some cars that were locally made in Pittsburgh. You all know that I am not that in to cars, but it was sweet!

As I was heading to the bus stop to go home, two things happened, I heard news of a dinner group forming, and it started to rain. I had my Mohawk up at this point. I tried to keep it dry... but ended up with this:

  I quickly washed my head, and re-did my hair (but in Liberty Spikes (they tend to be the most resilient to wear and tear)) and headed out for dinner. I met Tracey and Gwyn at Diminco's Place, a rather authentic looking and tasting Italian place in Bloomfield (known for its Italian Immigrants). I loaded up on much needed carbs for the show, and enjoyed good company.

From there I set out to find 'Stage AE' where Flogging Molly was playing. If you were wondering, AE stands for American Eagle (yes the clothing company) they have a very strong presence in town as their corporate headquarters are on the SouthSide. So I found the place, it was right next to Heinz Field... found some parking (don't worry Chris, it was free) and got pumped for the greatest band ever. I intentionally got there late (doors opened at 7, I got there around 9) as to avoid standing around for the opening bands. The venue was great, lots of room, lots of people, surprisingly good sound. Of course FM was great. They have a new album coming out in a month or so, they played some new stuff, I liked it. At one point in the show, Nathan Maxwell (the bass player) got on his mic, pointed at me, and said: 'Look at that guys Mohawk, it looks so sad! Rock on man!' Made my night. Even without people with me, I had a good time, still having someone like Chris, James, Drew or 'The Boys' would have been awesome! I also sort of missed the traditional unveiling of the shirt to my parents... Mom, Dad, don't worry, it is awesome.

So yes, it was a good start to the break!


  1. Sounds great... especially the Flogging Molly part...but that was several-day-old news!!! What else has been happening???

    We are home from Vegas having witnessed 2 GLORIOUS Zag basketball titles being won. Both men and women squared off against St. Mary's (the infamous "What the Hale is a Gael" group) and we trounced them in great Bulldog fashion. I did take a little offense to their poster that said, "God is a Gael"!!!! Today we came through airport security just in time to watch the women hand carry their huge trophy through!!! I guess they randomly pick a freshman to get to do this HEHEHE!!

    We will not post a blog entry all about Vegas... but will anxiously wait to hear more about spring break in the 'burgh!!!