Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break: Day 8 (I less-than 3 the Irish)

My last Saturday of Spring break. I was in dire need of fresh laundry. That was number one on the list. In the process of running up and down the stairs, I talked to Larry about the festivities of St. Patrick's day in Pittsburgh. Here in PGH they start early. There is a parade that is apparently quite a sight, that takes over downtown. I sadly did get to go to the parade. This was a good choice, seeing as I realized I had quite a lot of homework that I still needed to get done.

While working on some power distribution problems, Jessica (from Shadyside) sent me a text suggesting that I head down to the North Shore for a festival. I looked in to it a little more, and after figuring out what it was, I threw on my kilt and headed out. The Pittsburgh Irish Festival (same one I went to in the fall) put on 'Shamrockin' with a tag line "THE place to be after the parade." It was a huge event with two stages, lots of vendors selling all sorts of Irish gear and food. And what day could not be complete without Bagpipes and Dancing. The Pittsburgh Police Pipe Band put on quite a show. The whole thing was great! Other than getting slightly molested by a drunk middle aged woman...

Around 6 ish, Sam, Gwyn and Andrew picked me up and we headed out to dinner at Burgertory. I don't remember if I have talked about this place... (it is not Brgr) I have been there once before. It is quite spectacular. First: you can order off of a menu, but you really need to order via the Burger Sheet. You select your medium (Beef, Sausage, Buffalo, Veggie, Steak, Chicken) your bun (5 or 6 options), your Rub (I got PepperCorn, Amazing!), your Sauce (Guac!) and toppings (a good 20 or so options). The resulting creation is significantly noteworthy. I would have to say that I have now had 3 amazing burgers in PGH, and I am a little worried that The Onion does not stack up (but They will always win when it comes to Huckleberry Milk Shakes). Oh! Nice Segway in to the milkshakes at burgertory! The first time I went I got the 'Campfire Smores' I think they just throw a few smores in to the blender with some ice cream, legit. This past Saturday I went for the Shamrock Shake (minus the Bailey's). Also a good choice. Another note worthy shake is the Apple Pancake and Bacon shake. I have never experienced quite so many layers of flavor in a drink in my life. It is truly an experience. 

Afterward I wanted to head to the South Side (where there was sure to be a good Irish party), to which my friends responded: "Didn't you get enough of that earlier?" referring to the festival. Alas... I will just have to go have some fun before Bill and Dannica get here on Thursday!

But still a great and relaxing Saturday, and a great end to spring break.


  1. Wow! What a culinary experience!!!! Certainly worthy of the length of your post! Sounds fun...

  2. Other than getting slightly molested by a drunk middle aged woman... hmmmm, how old is middle aged?