Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sad Fence

On Monday some students attacked the fence. Lame.

Apparently they saw the pealing paint from the rain and wanted to see what was underneath. So they started cutting away at the fence with a saw until other students got pissed and stopped it.

Fence picture taken on Monday morning
Fence on Tuesday morning.
The fence reads: 'Don't Mess With Out Fence.' Off to the right you can see a little black fence that reads: 'I <3 you mommy fence/Get well soon!/-Baby Fence.'

For more information here is an article published by the Tartan (the school news paper). And here is a photo album of a student (AlanvDotOrg).


  1. Sad when an icon is ruined by the ignorant few!

  2. I showed some pics of the fence from earlier in the year to my class. We discussed traditions and how important they are. I then told them what happened and showed them a few of the pics. We discussed vandalism and destruction of property. It lead to a great conversation on graffiti and defacing property and what appropriate consequences are. Be sure to give updates on repairs, etc.