Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have Twos of Them!

My two visitors have successfully made it here, and I am happy to report that we are having a wonderful time.

Yesterday we went down to The Strip for some breakfast at Pamela's, then walked around there for a while. Don't worry Dad, we stopped in the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. After walking around for a while, we enjoyed some super traditional Pierogies at a Polish deli near the end of The Strip. After this light lunch, we inclined up the Duquesne. After enjoying the sights (and girl scouts and their smother mothers and Tons of prospective Pitt students) we stopped by the Frick to see the art and the garage.
Before dinner we pulled out Settlers and played a round (I won, Mom! Caleb called me a name! (I may or may not have deserved it...)). Then went to the CurchBrew Works, and enjoyed wonderful food and good beer (Chelsea had the Celestial Gold (we think) and Caleb had a Cherry Quadzillah). There was then a trow back to our child hood: Chelsea brought Mille Bornes. A game that we played a lot as children, and was still very fun and amusing to play as adults. COUP FOURRE! COUP FOURRE! COUP FOURRE!

Ok, now we are off to church! Ill post more later!

OH! They brought me Rocky Rococo's Pizza! Thank you Mom and Dad for helping! I am so excited to have it some time next week when they are gone!


  1. :-) Sounds like you are all having a blast! I am so glad you get to do this... and tell Caleb to quit picking on you... if any of you cry you are all in trouble (Right Gramps?!?!?!) Speaking of which, ask Grandma and Gramps about Coup Fourre in New York when we were growing up :-) Hugs to you all!

  2. COUP FOURRE!!!!! Ahhhhh ... such memories!! By any chance were you playing in the midst of a thunder and lightening storm? :)

    My apologies ... I have been awol from your blog for a while. Just caught up ... so much fun, so much adventure ... so much learning ... so much patience!! As was said by others, SO proud of your heart, good and faithful servant!

    Love you!!