Saturday, March 26, 2011


Disclaimer: Tonight's event made it all the more clear to me that Spokane is blessed with a true gem. That LaserQuest is truly a one-of-a-kind establishment of glorious fun. Don't worry, I still have my LQ members key chain holding my house key.

Tracey, Sam, Gwyn and myself ventured out to LAZER STORM a local laser tag place. A little bit of a twist from what I am used to. Everyone divided in to two teams (red and green) and then ran out in to the playing field. It was segmented in such a way that the teams would never interact directly, but still had ample opportunity to shoot each other. Most of the game was oriented around bases... bla... and everyone had head phones that would tell you when you got hit.

We all had fun. It was great. I personally did ok, not like my glory days with Russ and Drew. But certainly had fun.

Earlier today I hung out with Skanda as we looked for a new place to live. It was not overly fruitful. The place that I was really excited about would still be perfect except for the rental agency are hard to work with especially with students. Afterward I was with Skanda as he broke his Hot Dog bubble. He has recently started eating meat (apparently after a life changing experience with some wings) and I have been around for a lot of his new ventures in to the grand arena of meat. So we went to D's six pac (someplace that I am finding I really enjoy...  and they have punch cards!). He got a Mac and Cheese hot dog and said it was great. He made sure to tell the waitress four or five times.

Great Saturday. Now I just need to get some work done before next Friday....

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