Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday Top Five: Wedding Quotes

This week's Top Five (a little late...):

"Scott's Top 5 Wedding Weekend Quotes"

As most of you know (most of you were there), I was in Boise ID over the weekend for Jake and Brianna's wedding. It was amazing. I am going to post more about it later, but for now here is a little precursor. My top favorite quotes from the weekend. I am going to give them without any commentary (sorry).

1) "AAAHHHH!!! Who left the safety on?!"
2) "Billy, If there are naked girls at the party, you get out of there."
3) (preemptively) "Please don't laugh at me."
4) "The TSA stole my socks!"
5) "Good bye Stink Beans...."

Come back next week, on Tuesday, for more top 5 picks from yours truly. If you want to contribute, let me know what top 5 things you want to know!

1 comment:

  1. 1) Safetys are on for a reason
    2) "Scott, if there are naked girls at the party, YOU get out of there"
    3) I don't laugh at you any more than you laugh at me
    4) Did you get yours back after the big sock exchange???
    5) I will trade you a coffee bean and a soy bean for a red bean!
    It really was a great weekend in Boise! And I have a hunch that 100 degrees in Boise was more comfortable than 85 in the 'burgh with humidity. I also have a hunch that the GU Twohy/Kennedy engineers (and their families) will continue to enjoy each other's company for years to come... We missed you Alana!!!