Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Time Fun

This morning I took Andrew to the Airport. His destination: Spokane. I was super jealous, but also excited for him. He is going on a 3 week vacation that is going to take him all over, mainly to Spokane to hangout with Sam (and to their CDA Lake Cabin), to Portland and then his parents and sister are driving out to Spokane to hangout for a little bit, and they are taking a family road trip back to the East stopping in a bunch of parks and museums. Due to the early morning nature of the flight, I got to deal with traffic coming in to Pittsburgh. I have no idea why people put up with that. It added another 15 minutes of sitting in traffic. Ugg...  Give me my bus back.

Due to a lack of excitement and planning on my part I have not gone grocery shopping this week, so I had no food this morning to make lunch. I decided to check out, for the first time, the local fare of Greensburg PA. I walked to Pizza Italliano, the closest shop, where I was greeted by two very Asian looking men, I chuckled inside. I did enjoy a great Pittsburgh Salad (Chef Salad... but with Fries on top, with melted cheese) for lunch.

Right next to the building I work in is this old house, well maybe it is a duplex, I don't really know, where these old guys are always sitting out. Without fail when I walk out to my car around 3, they are sitting on the porch, and most of the time, at least one of them is out in the morning when I get in. I am guessing that they are in their 60s or 70s, retired... they have a big black dog, often they are seen with beer bottles. Anyway, their porch looks out over the parking lot where I park, about a week in to working here, I would smile and wave at them whenever I saw them (which was like 98% of the time). They would wave back, sometimes yelling out something. Anyway, where I am going with this.... When I was walking to the Pizza place, I walked right past their steps. I was not able to directly say Hi to them, because they were busy heckling another older gent walking on the other side of the street: "HEY *name that I could not make out*! WANNA BEER?!" "HEY! HAVE A BEER!" So I chuckled, and kept on walking. On my way back, with salad in hand, I walked past the porch with 4 guys (including the apparently persuaded pedestrian) enjoying cold beers on this particularly hot day. I did get in a "How are you Gentlemen doing?" to which I received a "Just fine, how are you, Buddy?" Mission accomplished.

In other news, this weekend Gwyn and I visited the Highland Park Community Pool. Which first off, you had to pay for. Secondly, I saw more Black woman skin being held in by as little fabric as I have ever seen. There were a ton of people there (I am guessing 60-80, but I don't guess very well). But, It was a lot of fun to relax and cool off.

Apparently Larry has started advertising my room, as I got a text on Saturday morning along the lines of: "Someone would like to look at the room. Please make the bathroom presentable." In living with myself for the past 2 years, I have realized that most of the time I am using the bathroom, I don't have glasses on. Because of this, I don't notice how bad it gets. I need Jake and Bill around to set the cleaning schedule. I spent a large portion of my Saturday morning breathing in some bleach and scrubbing. Now my room is sparkly! 

On Friday there was a YadGrad outing to the movies to watch the latest Harry Potter film. It was wonderful, and a lot of fun. But apparently not as fun as my old small group guys had. They all went to the midnight premiere, where Cory dressed up as Darth Vader... aka The Dark Lord.

Just for everyone's benefit, and because I was told to tell everyone (so far I have...). Gramps (my Maternal Grandfather) after suffering for 35 years without Chocolate due to a heart condition that was in opposition to caffeine, now has the all clear to eat Chocolate. Isn't that great?!

Family: Just to let you know. I have been practicing Carcassone (Gwyn really likes it). I almost broke 150 in a two person game. Prepare to be dominated. Someone should bring it to SoCal.

For all of you to get excited and come back, Tomorrow: Pizza Mac and Tuesday Top 5.


  1. Sounds like a Carcassone challenge has been made!!! I will have ours with us for our trip (and bananagrams) so let the games begin!

    PS - Once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout... nice "Good turns" today!!!

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  3. 150??? I can't even remember how many times I go past 0 when I play...

    Mom and I tied yesterday! Greensburg looks interesting. Seton Hill U etc... where in the town are you located?