Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Top Five: T-Shirt Designs

Thanks to my mother again, this weeks Tuesday Top Five will be covering my favorite shirt designs that I have made. Possibly next week, Ill do my favorite shirts... You all know how much I love my shirts.

"Scott's Top 5 Favorite T-Shirt Creations"
1) I Support James Bronder and His Cause. (47 shirts)

What started out as a joke, lead to one of the most iconic images of the graduating class of 2009 from the Gonzaga School of Engineering. While standing around one day, James made a self-defacing comment to the affect of: "Fine, why don't you all go around wearing shirts that say: 'I support James and his cause.' " So we did. It started as a joke among the 6 of us (Alana, Jamie, Dannica, Bill, Jake and myself), but then Jamie asked if we should tell the other engineers about it. To which I said 'Heck Yes!' So All in all 47 of us got shirts with James' image emblazoned on the back. We all wore them on the same day. He never saw it coming. From our senior year, there have been a number of 'I still Support James Bronder and His Cause' photo albums on face book, mostly supported by Jason (on of James' old roommates). The best is when wearing this shirt, and you are around James, and someone asks you about it. That is the best.

2) Hogle Clan, Christmas 2010 (12 shirts)

I guess due to secrecy, I never did talk about this around Christmas time. While doing my Christmas shopping, I headed down to CommonWealth Press, possibly my single favorite, non food business local to PGH. When I was there, I was standing around waiting for a shirt to be printed (yep, if you want a shirt, and they are out of stock, they will just print it, right there for you...) and Chris, one of the guys in charge of the shop started talking to be about a shirt design. Well I hung around for a while and talked with him about the whole process, from Photoshop to Screen burning to washing to the actual printing. It was one of the coolest unplanned events of December. Anyway, Chris made the comment that they live on word of mouth and custom orders... that got me thinking.... hhhmmmm... I like shirts. I like designing shirts... I should talk to Grandma about this. So Gummi and I planned and schemed and came up with an idea as a gift for the whole family. So this design was born. There is something for everyone of the Hogle-Tomlinson-Griffith clan in this crest, everyone is represented at least once. Even Cassie and Caleb. I really do like how it turned out, and I think there may have to be more in the future.

3) CJM Recycle Shirt (20-30 shirts.... I don't know)

I was 'commissioned' to make this shirt by Grandma or Gramps, I don't really remember, but we were looking for a design for the California Junior Miss (CJM) production shirts. The theme was 'Going Green' or something like that, so we wanted a good recycle image... and being production we had to include Earl! It should be noted that my design was hijacked by Gramps. The actual print of the shirt also includes a 'SG' on the bumper of the truck, something about giving credit where credit is due... I don't know what he was talking about.  

4) Twohy Hall (40-60 Sweatshirts)
This was my first mass produced shirt design. There was a little competition to see who could come up with the best design for our hall Freshman year. Alex (my roommate) and I brainstormed and based off of one of my Flogging Molly shirts, that was based off of a Guinness logo, I came up with this. Jake did the signature for me. I ended up winning... but I don't really think anyone else tried, so that is not really all that impressive. What is interesting to me is that the administration either didn't care, or didn't notice that there was a blatant alcohol reference.

5) GU Whitewater Club
I don't know if this was ever made in to a shirt, but it could have been. I made this freshman year as well as the above Twohy Hall shirt. Alex, my roommate, was setting up the newly created Gonzaga Whitewater Club. He asked if I could make a logo for him. This was my first jump in to the 'crest' idea (one that I really like.... but need to develop a little). I am not really overly attached to this, but I was impressed with how it turned out, a little surprising for me. I don't know if it was ever made in to a shirt, but it was used by Alex a lot for the Club.

Come back next week, same time, for more top 5 picks from yours truly. If you want to contribute, let me know what top 5 things you want to know!


  1. That ended up being a great topic for Tuesday! Loved seeing the shirts all at once and the stories behind them! I can't wait for the next Hogle-Griffith-Tomlinson shirt!!!!

  2. I think you missed an opportunity with the GWC logo, it needs a Laser on it. Cool logo design. And, as for the reference to the beer advertisement; it is what it is... you and I both know there are many more that are even more blatant than yours. I enjoyed your post.