Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Top Five: Spokane or Bust

I am already running out of ideas for topics. I need you guys to help. Taking a hint from Golden Eye: "Use the comment box! That is what it is for!" (High five if you get the reference!)

This week's Top Five:

"Scott's Top 5 Things He is looking forward to in Spokane"

I am about a month away from being back in Spokane. Currently Sam is in Spokane, and Andrew is going out to visit her. She asked if I had any ideas of things they needed to do while there. This got my mind thinking....

1) My Family
Really this is a nice way of saying that I really want to meet Murphy! I have seen super cute pictures and video (if you have not, Ill post some on here at special request). I have video chatted with him. I have heard about his exploits. He is carrying around my Aladdin towel, which means that we are going to be best friends. Also I just miss having an awesome dog around. Mocha and Chino, you are dearly missed. I don't really see that many dogs around here. I am not counting Benny, we don't really get along.

Oh... and my actual family. Yeah... well I will be spending the weekend before that with them, so I am sure that I will have gotten my fill by the time I get to Spokane. (I am joking family! I am really excited to see you!)

2) Appointments (Dentist, Optometrist and Melanoma Screening (Thanks mom... ;) ) )
I know that sounds lame. And at first I was not going to add this to the list. But then I realized that this is more or less free stuff. At the expense of the Mead School District and my Parents, which I will take the opportunity to thank right now: Thank you. But this means that I will have clean teeth. I will have new glasses. And I will have a lady scan over my entire body looking for abnormal skin spots (oh wait... that is not that fun...).

3) Food
I know that I could put all of these in to separate categories, but I will lump them in to one. So we will have a sub list: Rocky Rococo's, Downriver Grille (just the fries), Tacos Tumbras, Fat Daddys, El Sombrero, Zips (I didn't realize that I would miss Zips... but I do), A Maple Bar (preferably from Donut parade) and most importantly My Mother's Cooking. I do miss that a lot. I think everyone who reads this knows that that is really where it is at, at the kitchen table in Schloss Griffith.

4) A Changed Spokane
I know this is weird. But I am looking forward to seeing how Spokane has changed in the last 6 months. I think that it is really cool to be able to get glimpses every so often to really see the change. When you are living in it, the change seems gradual (except when they moved HW2 at Hawthorne RD... that happened overnight, and then my mind was blown), but when you are away for a bit, the change is profound. Part of me does not like that, the fact that Spokane now has a 5 Guys bothers me (I think there may even be two). That is going to seem out of place to me (they are all over the place here). But other things are exciting, seeing new developments and roads, new businesses. And more importantly, seeing what has changed in my friends lives. Chris is engaged, the small goup guys are graduated from HS, Drew is graduated from Whitworth. And then the things that don't change, Ryan is still at Chucky Cheese's (sorry Ryan...). MY MOM'S NEW HAIR STYLE! What has the world come to... Either way, I am looking forward to seeing them.

5) Summer Nights
I am really looking forward to sitting outside at dusk, and not sweating. Sitting on the deck, playing games, getting mom to stay up past her bed time. That is summer to me. Let it be known that there is going to be quite a lot of Gameplay in August. Chelsea, you should be excited about your Bday gift... ;)

Come back next week, same time, for more top 5 picks from yours truly. If you want to contribute, let me know what top 5 things you want to know!


  1. I smiled! We are excited to have you home. It is good to see you in "the 'burgh", in Boise, in California... but it is best to see you at home!!!

    Possible topics:
    * 5 differences between Spokane and the burgh (not a 5 way Venn!)
    * 5 best movies (you are my go to guy for this!!!)
    * 5 best cities to visit
    * 5 things you love about "the 'burgh"
    * 5 things you wish women would never do (ohhhhh that could be dangerous)
    * Things you loved best about being 5 (Years old)
    * If you could meet any 5 people who have ever lived, who would you want to meet?
    * 5 best (or worst) fashion trends
    * 5 best games
    * I will keep thinking of more...

  2. 5 ways mac is better than pc
    5 ways pc's get attacked by worms, virus, etc while mas doesn't
    5 ways free computers are better than paid for computers5 ways Forks are better than spoons or knives

    Looking forward to LA and Home!