Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am a broken record: Humidity

I know. I know... you have all heard this complaint from me, and I am sure you are tired of hearing it...

But this is ridiculous. I walked outside of the house today, at 6:40, to have my glasses fog up. Those who wear glasses are used to this. In the Winter. When walking Inside. You know when you are outside, in the cold (freezing, which with it comes dryness), for an extended amount of time and walk in to a warm, potentially humid place, your glasses fog up for about 10-15 seconds. In this time, you have to worry about walking in to something, so most of the time you just stop moving, kind of freeze in place (to the amusement of those without glasses around you). This would always happen to me walking in to the Starbucks on Forbes Ave in Oakland. Always. Without fail.

Well today it is humid enough, and hot enough that this happened to me going outside. Larry does keep it really cold inside of the house, almost uncomfortably cold... like ice box cold. And this morning was no different. But the fog on my glasses surprised me enough to think that it was really really fogy, like southern-California-can't-see-more-than-a-few-inches-in-front-of-you fog. Then I realized that it was just my glasses... and then I audibly said: "You have got to be kidding me..."

Today's high is supposed to be 95. I remember hearing 95 back home and thinking: "Ok, well I will just stay away from direct sun light, and keep outdoor activity to a low." Here that means that as soon as you walk outside you start sweating, instantly. And the thing that kills me, and really messes with my senses, is that the shade does nothing here. You can be standing in the sun or you can be standing in the shade and it is still crazy hot. The 'heat index' today is said to be between 105 and 114. Gross.

Another really interesting thing is the haze. It is not quite fog. Fog normally does not happen in the middle of the day. It is kind of like you want to take a towel and wipe down the air so that you can see better. (Oh, wait... that might just be my glasses...). It makes for a surreal drive to and from work, where the layers of trees are very pronounced, they are almost like flats in a stage production, where you can see in three dimensions, but everything looks like two dimensional planes.

I can't wait for a nice, cool summer evening on out back porch back in Spokane.

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  1. Another reason to move back to the Pacific Northwest ASAP!!! Today is 72, a light breeze, overcast, and the humidity 42% and the heat index is 72... not to rub it in... just to get you ready for that challenge of Carcassonne to be played in the gazebo in the shade (the no fogged up glasses). Can't wait!!!