Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shadyside YadGrad Shirt

I was commissioned by Jeff a few weeks ago to design a shirt for the YadGrad group. I wanted to do a Pittsburgh themed shirt, some thing that was iconic and local. We toyed around with bridges, we looked at sports teams... all of this seemed a little too clique. But then somewhere (I don't remember who suggested this) the idea of tipping a hat to the Church Brew Works logo was put forward. For those of you who do not know what it looks like, or have nor seen it in a while, here you are:

Courtesy of The Church Brew Works.
I am rather pleased with how this one turned out:

Imagine that, smack dab on your chest...
So if you want one of these fancy shirts, I can get you one. But you have to let me know soon (like in the next week, as we will be printing them soon). We are going to print these on ringspun cotton, and are even going to include ladies fitted shirts!

Many of you have seen my past T shirt designs (I think I am up to 7 or 8... I don't remember), but really my first widely used one was for my freshman door, Twohy Hall. That one was also inspired by a beer company, that time Guinness. I think I may have a niche.

Also a side note, I have officially run out of space in my picasa web album. This is where I upload pictures to post on my blog. I know there are some pictures in there that I have not posted, and thus should get rid of them, but I need to find a better solution, and soon! So sorry for the poor quality images for the next little bit, Picasa does not care if the uploaded images are less than 800 x 800 pixels.

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  1. Nice job!!! You could hook up with Candi... you could design the shirts and she could print them. Or go thru cafe press or whoever has those shirts that they print for a week or two. I think this is an opportunity for a 5 for Tuesday... past shirts and who they were intended for :-)