Monday, June 27, 2011

Ohio is the place for Grilled Cheese

Last week I was able to get the old video camera out, dust it of and shoot some video. Mr. Rohrer is taking a class from a seminary about the sacraments of the Anglican church, and was in need of a video of him performing a mock (dry, whatever you want to call it) Communion. I met up with him on Friday morning at St. Andrew's church to film him. Afterwards, he took me out to lunch at Pamela's. It was great. He is a very interesting guy, with lots of fun stories. A large topic of conversation was the practices and culture of the Saudi people (he has spent some time over there working).

I have a healthy respect for the culture of the Middle East (and in some ways I think they are far more sophisticated than us 'westerners') but I have little to no interest in visiting. Just throwing it out there.

Saturday was a day of food for me. I spent the day with Gwyn, and I don't know if she necessarily sees it the same way... but for me, it was all about food. Gwyn was house sitting for Jackie. Jackie lives in Highland Park, right next to a place called 'Food, Glorious Food!' And with a name like that, how can you not want to check it out. This place fits a rather unique niche, during the week they use their space for cooking parties and cooking classes (I think), then on Saturday (only Saturday) starting at 10 they open up as a high end bakery and delicatessen shop, selling more or less what they made during the week. It was a rush. We were 6th or 7th in line (out of 30 by the time the shop opened up. The people in front of us were buying hundreds of dollars worth of cakes and pastries. We just wanted to try something.  They had so many things, I really wanted to just stand there and ask questions about everything, but there was a huge line... Ugh! We ended up getting a slice of Black Orchid Cake (dark chocolate cake with a mouse on top), some Stratta (Croissants with egg, mushrooms, sausage, and peppers, similar to breakfast casserole, but fancy) and a Pumpkin Roll. All of the above was great.

From there we hit the road for Akron Ohio. There Rachel (who is Cory's sister, Cory being one of Gwyn's friends from College) was having a graduation party. I was the 'Hey, I am here with her' guy. There was some amazing BBQ pulled pork and great wings. It was fun to relax, play some CornHoling (something that is huge over here... I didn't even know) and enjoy the summer. From there we headed up to Melt in Cleavland. I have talked about this glorious place before, and it was just as good the second time.
We are that cool.
In honor of you, Mother, Birch Beer (left). Gwyn also got 'Griffin Cider' (on the right)
On the Left: The Parmagedon, The Right: The Winter Chicken
I got The Parmageddon, a sandwich with Grilled Onions, A Vodka Kraut, 2 Pierogies and Sharp Cheddar Cheese (I also added some Bacon). Gwyn got the spicy Winter Chicken, Grilled Chicken smothered in a chipotle sauce, melted with Pepper Jack. Both were amazing. I love that establishment.

In other news: Last night the YadGrad study was held at Jackie's house (she had returned from her trip by then) and in honor of my birthday she made me a cake! I was super excited, seeing as I love cake, and that someone made it for me. Then I got my piece, and something stirred up inside of me. It was the same cake that my mother makes for some birthdays, Super Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Awesome Cake (The one with the pudding in the batter.. made in a bunt pan). I got super excited! It was just like home!


  1. I am glad you got THE right kind of b'day cake! :-) Sounds like a great weekend!!! See you in 4 days!!!!

  2. Hey, I thought your b'day was the 30th? ;)

  3. By the way... how was the Birch Beer? Brought back great memories, especially combined with reading about Karen and Poughkeepsie!!!

  4. It was great! I have had it before, so it was not new, but this was great. When I was at the store yesterday, I looked for it, and found it. So there is a companion for my Reed's Addiction.