Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pictures! Yep, the ones I was promising you!

So here are some pictures!

First, Skanda decided to cut his hair:
Mr. Curly!
Sort of like Mr. T.
We are that cool.

Then some pictures from Melt! If you did not see the link before, here is their website. It was great. I really want to go back. I really want to try the Melt Challenge. Every town needs one of these...
My lovely Companion, and sister in arms against the pile of food in front of us.
Far plate: The Tokyo Tuna and Closest: The Dude Abides
Four thumbs up!

Some time there will be pictures from Chelsea and Caleb... I need to see if they want to post... (wink wink... hint hint...)

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  1. This roving reporter asks:
    Rocky Rococo's or Melt???