Thursday, June 9, 2011


Or Lightnight bugs!

I saw my first Pittsburgh Firefly this evening. The group of us were walking from Point Brugge to Highland Park after a successful Frisbee night, and low and behold: A firefly!

Don't worry, I told everyone that we don't have such glorious bugs in Washington. And then I told them about Dad, Uncle Jerry, Chris, Cory and myself loosing our firefly virginity two summers ago. And how awesome that was.

To all of you men, I wish you were here with me so we could frolic in the grass again.


  1. I can see the t-shirts now:
    Real men play with fire flies!

  2. I just read this to Uncle Jerry ... he smiled and said "that was funny"!! Good times! Chris say "truth"!!

    I really wish I had a video of that night ... it was priceless!!